Monday, September 20

Flash in a flash

Yesterday, I took a brave decision to buy the battery grip despite being financially handicapped after paying a whopping one hundred thousand pesos to cover my wife's hospital bill at The Medical City. Anyways, we just need to tighten our belts for the next few months to get back the money that we spent.

Actually, I was supposed to buy an external flash by the end of September once I got my paycheck. But somehow, I was influenced by some friends as well as fellow forumers to get one. My concern that time was what kind of external flash should I get as getting the original Canon external flash is out of the question. 

This afternoon, I took another bold step by purchasing an external flash which will help me to improve my shots one way or another. I went to Mang Ramon of Mayer's Photo to purchasethe Nissin Di622 (Equivalent to Canon Speed Light 430 EXII). Before I got the unit, I made sure to test it to see if it really works on my camera. I was convinced that I had made the right decision on getting this flash even if there is no remote trigger compatible to this flash (as other people may say).

When I got home, I tried the unit and it never failed me while testing it at home. I am really satisfied with this unit. Now, I can take more beautiful pictures plus I need to learn more on flash photography.

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