Wednesday, September 1

My Targets for 2010 (Third Update)

As of September 1, here's what I've accomplished. I'll be adding some more here and update it from time to time. ^_^

1.Do an intensive job search online but I'll make sure to review the company thoroughly. I will also make sure this would be the last time I will have gaps in-between jobs. (I'll do this sparingly or probably during my Saturday night-shifts since I was able to extend my contract with them for another year).

2. Maximize Internet Usage. I'll do more surfing on work-related and career-related websites. This will be my opportunity to learn more on Photography, Post-Processing and other Technical Stuff. I'll do my best to minimize non-work related surfing with some exceptions. (Honestly, this is SO HARD to achieve especially if we have our so boring days).

3. Allocate money for future savings. I'll minimize unnecessary expenditures like eating out. (Somewhat, I'm successful at this since I am spending 67 php for my lunch for the past few weeks).

4. Collect my Men's Magazine sparingly without compromising budget. (Budget won't be and issue for the next 6 months. But with the inclusion of Digital Photographer Philippines, I need to tighten my belt).

5. Catch-up on Photography since I haven't took pictures for a while now since I've sent my unit to Canon for repairs. (Probably, I'll do this whenever I have free time).

6. Limit going-out with friends to weekends only except for special holidays. (I'm fine with this as long as its Photography-related).

7. Support my wife with her new hobby (QM). I'll make sure to transfer my QA skills to her so I could take on more challenges. (Done. She can managed on her own).

8. Watch my weight. A lot of people noticed how much I've gained weight since I got married. (Now this would be one thing I have to work-on very hard).

9. Avoid delays in post-processing pictures. I've been piled-up again because of laziness. XD (The laziness in me is back and I'm having a hard time since the color of our laptop needs color management).

10. Have my eye checked-up for a possible glass upgrade (I'd probably do this between Oct-Dec 2010).

11. Have my teeth checked for possible filling and/or extraction (I was able to save one tooth though one is doomed for extraction XD).

12. Buy a Battery Grip, External Flash, Wireless Remote Trigger, Filters (CPL, ND8 etc), Batteries (Done), and Lens' Hood to make my camera perform better.

13. Save enough money for our planned First Anniversary in Baguio. (We might skip this for next year).

14. Update my resume. XD

Again, I'll keep this updated for progress. XD

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