Monday, May 17

The week that was (May 9-15)

Sunday: Got up at 5am and I wasn't able to go back to sleep so I edited some more pictures (Aliwan Festival 2010). We left San Pedro at 12pm and we reached Manila at almost 2pm. Took a breather for a while before heading to SM Mall of Asia to shoot the Flores de Mayo sa MOA 2010 (my first). I learned a lot from this experience and I made sure that I am exhausted before calling it a day. I also did some shopping (my baon for the week) then head home.

Monday: Got up early since I have work despite election day. To my surprise, Makati was almost empty. That gave an idea on when to shoot some nice scenes in Makati. The entire day was practically boring since we didn't have ant tickets to work on plus I think the whole world knows its Election Day here today. After work, I was about to go straight home but there were no bus bound for Nagtahan that's why I took the Galeria-Legarda route. I passed by Robinsons Galeria to check on things. At the spur of the moment,I went to NBS to check some photography books. I found the Digital Photography books by Scoot Kelby and try to browse the pages. I really wanted to buy it but I just have to wait for payday. XD. Then I went home hoping I could go to bed early but since someone is ironing clothes inside our bedroom, I have to wait until 10pm for me to be able to go to sleep. 

Tuesday: Still feeling very sleepy, I woke up early to prepare for work.The day was pretty much the same though.

Wednesday: Got home early to encode some information from my DSLR but since my brother in law was using the PC, I went our and uploaded the MIAS 2010 Model Set instead. I was surprised that some of the pictures were quite off (possible monitor problem from the internet cafe I was in).

Thursday: This would be the slowest morning I've experienced. My wife wasn't able to meet me for lunch so I ate out at ArmyNavy Burger and Burrito at Solaris One Bldg (where I'll be picking-up my wife after work). The afternoon was really slow. All we do was go online and surf some websites. XD.After work, I went back to Solaris One Bldg. to meet mt wife and have our early dinner at ArmyNavy. We enjoyed our burritos and pick-up two more for our folks there. We were supposed to go to my wife's office in Katipunan for other things but her boss decided not to. Hence we head home.

Friday: Had a bad dream that got me up very early and I wasn't able to get more sleep needed. I feel so tired and yet I have to finish work until 5:00pm.As I got home, I updated my file regarding the specs of the pictures that I captured. I wasn't able to eat dinner since I was too tired.

Saturday: Got up early again and I was able to edit 1 set and went online. Did some laundry before heading to A. Venue to attend the Bimmerfest 2010. I left home at around 11:30am and I got to Makati Ave at almost 12 noon. I passed by at Petron and I was able to find a Special Edition FHM May 2010 Issue (the one with a set of playing cards c/o Premiere). I think I've spent almost 2 hours at A. Venue before heading to The Fort for the other carshow (HSN3). I was really tired when I got home but still, I enjoyed every minute of it. ^_^

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