Wednesday, May 19

UNO Poker Tournament

I got this from their facebook page.

UNO Magazine together with you--our beloved followers, bring you the UNO Poker Tournament at Manila Bay Club in San Miguel by the Bay.

For one night individuals will try to outsmart each other as they try to win cash prizes and prizes from UNO Magazine and our Sponsors!

Joining fee is PHP 500 inclusive of MAY 2010 issue of UNO magazine.

Play Poker--UNO Style! Text or Call Muriel Evaristo 0915-7400049 to Confirm your slot.

We are not Bluffing!

After Party @ LAX the night club VIP room. send in names for guest list inclusion. Open Bar starts at 10pm!

UNO Poker Tournament Mechanics:

1) Event goers (EG) register at the reception area of MBC and decide if they want to participate in the Step 1 Sit-N-Go (SNG) tournaments
2) EG's pay Php 500 to register for each SNG they choose to enter
3) Each registered EG gets an autographed copy of the May Uno Magazine.
4) When nine (9) EG's have registered for a Step 1 SNG, the tournament will start.
5) Players will recieve 2k in chips and the blinds will start at 10-20 and will increase every 15 minutes.
6) Step 1 SNG second place winners will receive Php 500
7) Step 1 SNG winners will receive Php 1,000 and will be able to sign up for their choice of Step 2 SNG tournament, which would be either against MODEL 1, MODEL 2, or COVER GIRL (known as the table VIP)
8) There will be only 8 places to be filled in each of the Step 2 SNG. Four seats in each of the Step 2 SNG will be available in the first 12 Step 1 SNG and the last 12 seats will only be available in the last 12 Step 1 SNG
9) When there are 8 players for the Step 2 SNG, it will commence with each player having 2k in chips and the blinds starting at 10-20 and increasing every 15 minutes.
10) The Players who will bust out the table VIP will receive a special gift from Uno Magazine
11) Step 2 SNG second place winners will receive Php 1,300
12) Step 2 SNG winners will receive Php 2,200
13) Other Step 2 participants will also receive special prizes from Uno Magazine.

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