Saturday, May 29

Saturday Shift (1pm-10pm)

Current Mood: Not feeling well =(

As of this writing, I still have 5.5 hours to go before I go home and take that much needed rest. Early this morning, I got up with a different kind of feeling. It was like I'm gonna get sick even if I don't want to. I wasn't able to do the things I was supposed to do (Like editing some pictures). Though I was able to do some laundry, it feels like my body is demanding for a long hibernation. I wanted to go back to sleep and wake-up the next day but I have work today. Then I almost got late coming to the office (no thanks to traffic). I have to miss some events I should be attending today due to my nature of work. Anyway, I won't be complaining here about missing an event since there would be other events lined-up in the coming days. Now I have to focus my energy on my next 5.5 hours here at the office and my other tasks here before going home =)

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