Monday, May 10

The week that was (May 2 - 8)

My week started in the office past 12 midnight.

Sunday: I am in the middle of my night shift thinking on how to stay awake till early morning. I had one call at around 11:30pm Saturday night and did some monitoring in between. Went home after my shift but on a different route. I woke my wife to help me cook breakfast (pancakes). It was her first time to cook that so I assisted her. by 10:30am, I went to sleep. But the weather is so freaking hot I got up with a terrible headache. I tried to sleep again at around 4:30pm and I was able to get some sleep. I was able to commute to the office via LRT-MRT route. I got a call at around 11:30pm but I wasn't able to fix it =(.

Monday: I thought that one call last Sunday was it. I dozed off at around 3:00am and was awaken by the phone. Another issue I wasn't able to fix. Followed by another call. Geez, I had 3 calls on my 7th day (or should I say night) that mede me lose my sleep. I waited for my team mate to take-over as I asked for advise on how to close and re-open a case that is not resolved. Then, I went to La Mesa Ecopark to join a funshoot. I got there at around 9:00am but I waited for an hour and a half. I heard some photographers mentioning my name but I kept myself quiet and observed silently.I left the place at around 10:30am and head straight home. We went to Church to attend mass before having our lunch. Then I uploaded some pictures I took previously so I won't get piled-up again. Slept early at around 6pm since my bode craves for it.

Tuesday: Got up early to edit some photos. But I got pre-occupied by going online early. I had a hard time sorting out some photos that made me decide to edit later in the afternoon. I went to SM Manila to buy some stuff for the week but I wasn't able to get what I want there so I had to travel to SM Centerpoint. I took a quick stop at Burger King since they have a promo of free Whopper Jr for every Whopper Jr meal (or Whopper meal: I'll create a separate blog about this soon). As I got home, I was able to edit at least 6 sets of photos with the help of photoshop. It really improved my pictures by a mile (Another blog for this XD ).

Wednesday: I got up at around 5:15am to prepare for work. I got up earlier than usual because my schedule adjusts from 9am-6pm to 8am-5pm. To my surprise, I arrived more than an hour early at the office (6:56am) despite that I left the house at past 6am. The day was quite busy with creating helpdesk tickets here and there before a lazy afternoon. Going home wasn't that smooth since we had to transfer to another bus.

Thursday: Got up early again but went online for a short time before going to work. As expected. I arrived at the office way early again (7:17am). To my surprise, Mozilla Fire Fox was already in my PC ^_^. I made sure to use it sparingly though ^_^.

Friday: Again, I got in the office early. The day was pretty much boring except for one call I got but still, the day was quite ok. I browsed some forums that would help me improve my photography and photoshop skills. After office, I went home but as I stepped outside, it was really humid.

Saturday: I was up as early as 5am since I'm used to getting up early. I took advantage of editing the remaining pictures I got during the MIAS 2010. Then, I did some laundry before preparing to go home to San Pedro after 5 weeks (I'll try to create a separate blog for this). Once we've reached Laguna, my wife rested for a while and I took the time to edit some more pictures. Late in the afternoon, I went online for another hour before cooking sisig for my folks.

I really need to get some more sleep. XD

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