Tuesday, May 25

The week that was (May 16-22)

Sunday: Got up at around 7am (first in a long time). I didn't edit any photos since I'm not up to it so instead I went online. Then we went to church at 10:45am to hear mass. After that, I went to Manila to attend the Postal Heritage Tour lead by Mr Lawrence Chan. I got late by 30 minutes since I waited at the wrong place (meeting place was in Liwasang Bonifacio Fountain Area and I am near SM Manila). I was able to take pictures of the Metropolitan Theater and Philippine Post Office and learn a thing or two about old Manila. The tour ended at 6:00pm and I went home right away.

Monday: With a killing headache and heavy leg cramps, I barely managed to go to work but I was able to manage the entire day. Thank God the pain that I experienced early in the morning was gone before lunch time.I was able to update my file on photo information before going to bed.

Tuesday: Probably one of my busiest days since I've worked with my last company. At least I won't get bored every afternoon.As I travel home, I was in an uncomfortable position since I wasn't able to get a good seat inside the bus. I should have waited for a better one. Probably half of my butt was only seated at the bus during the entire trip. Then, I updated my photo information file before uploading 2 albums (Aliwan 2010 & 19th Transport Show).

Wednesday: I heard some noise this morning prompting for me to wake-up early in the morning. But I didn't see any unnecessary movements nor changes which gives me a sigh of relief.Work was quite steady (and quite boring) as usual. Around 1pm I received a phone call from HSBC for an interview for Network Engineer position. The offer was tempting but too bad I have committed already to work here for the time being. When I got home, I felt hot inside since they say that it was the hottest day (37.5 C).

Thursday: I got up 5 minutes late from my usual waking time (5:15am) since my phone's battery was drained empty. I charged it while I prepare myself for work. I got earlier than usual since aside from there's no traffic, the bus that I rode in travels really fast. The afternoon was pretty much boring though which made me just read forums and other stuff.

Friday: Got up and did the usual morning rituals before going to the office. Ate another breakfast at Jollibee to kill some time since I arrived in Makati at around 7:20am. Then I started working at around 8am for a Blackberry activation in Singapore but I have to escalate it since its taking a long time to activate. The afternoon was quite OK and I just waited for 5:00pm so I could go to SM Mall of Asia to join my friends there. Then we went to Manila Bay Club to join UNO's Poker Event. I went home almost late at night but I really had fun. 

Saturday: Got up a bit late but I was still able to edit a single set of photos from the 19th Transport Show I visited weeks ago. Then past 12nn, we went home to San Pedro to visit my folks there. Went online for a couple of minutes before calling it a day.

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