Monday, May 10

My First Flores de Mayo sa MOA Experience

Yesterday, when we got home from San Pedro, I took a breather and rested a bit before heading to SM MOA for my first experience to shoot in a Flores de Mayo event.

Looking back, I remember the time when I was an escort way back then. The cameras used were film-based and its like a trial and error thing where you don't know how you look like until the pictures are processed.

Moving forward, we were able to take pictures of the ladies in their "Sagala" attire while waiting for the procession proper. This was also the time I put my newly acquired lens (Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II) to the test. And it didn't fail me at all. Though some shots were quite off, I would say that I'll be using it for a long time. One disadvantage though with primes is that you can't go wide (unlike my kitlens).

I saw some similar faces during the event (mostly, people from events) as well as some professional photographers who really took out their expensive gears (talking about their Canon Mark', Nikon D3's plus their L-Lenses). I kinda felt envious a little since having those kinds of gears would improve on the chances on getting better shots plus they can create a dramatic effect when used properly.

During the procession proper, I was still able to take pictures while in motion. It was not as crowded as The Aliwan Festival I attended a few weeks earlier. I joined the parade but not as an escort but as a photographer taking pictures. I was able to take pictures of all the arcs together with the respective "Reyna's and Escorte's" but two.

Security was way too tight on the last two arcs as I saw Ms Sarah Lahbati and Ms Kris Bernal (together with their partners) wearing their respective "Sagala" attire. It was all hell breaks loose as their fans stormed to their area screaming and shouting. I took a few more shots before calling it a day because I didn't like the way one of the security guards handle the photographers.

All in all, it was really fun to take pictures on a Santacruzan event (minus the security).

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