Friday, May 14

Awake since 2:00am

Current Mood: Extremely Sleepy (Yawns!)

Taken from Google

I thought it was already 5:00am after having this terrible bad dream. I didn't open my eyes for a few seconds after I realized it was a horrible nightmare. As I look upon my cellphone, it was only 1:50am. That would be 3 hours and 50 minutes of sleep I had. My heart kinda beat faster at a demonic pace. I tried to sleep again but it took me a while before I do so. Or probably I wasn't able to get more sleep for the rest of the wee hours. I got up at 5:15am getting ready for work.

A few hours later, my body takes its toll as I really feel exhausted and very sleepy. My mind wasn't 100% focused on work as well as my body feels like it will collapse any minute. Probably, I'll go to sleep early tonight since the next day would be a very busy day for me. XD

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