Sunday, May 2

The Week that was (April 25 - May 1)

It was a tiring week...

Sunday: Got up early again but I wasn't able to edit photos that day because I went online (bad). Though I still feel sleepy, I went to SM Megamall again to attend the 19th Transport Show again but this time, it would be the models' turn to face my camera XD.

Monday: I really feel sluggish the minute I woke up together with a terrible headache. Work was a bit slow until almost 12pm where the action comes in (more work). Then, the day went slow again as I wait for 6:00pm to go home and recharge my body. Went online for a while before going home. I wasn't able to go to bed early since I watched WWE's Extreme Rules.

Tuesday: Got up early again but this time I felt really drained from yesterday. Work was quite OK since I was able to take-in two calls. I was sleepy the whole day and I'm looking forward to go to bed early. But I slept at around 11:30am (not bad)

Wednesday: Got up early again (same routine). I'm lazy to type. XD

Thursday: Celebrated my 1st month at Greif together with my first pay (after 8 months XD). Work was quite OK though I find the day slow. I made a price-matrix for some camera parts that I'm planning to buy in the future and compare it with other branches. Went home despite the rain. Had my Burger-craving at Wendy's before going online for another hour.

Friday: Got up early since I have to meet my mom at Harrison Plaza to give some soiled clothes. Ate breakfast at Jollibee before work. That was the second time I didn't went out for lunch. The day was a bit slow again except for a moment that I have to fix another issue since my team mate is working on hers. Its not yet TGIF since I have to work for two more days but its alright. Had another Burger craving but this time I ate at Mc Donald's before going home. 

Saturday: I got up a bit late (7am) to edit some photos. I was able to practice on how to sharpen my pictures as well as how to reduce noise. Then I went to Hidalgo to buy my second lens (Separate Blog to be posted soon). Traffic was horrible since There was a rally at Mendiola (Labor Day). My transaction was pretty quick and I went back home after. I tried to sleep even for a few hours but I wasn't able to go to sleep since its very hot. I just left home early to go to SM MOA to attend the Cardiology Carshow but I was disappointed with what I saw. I just purchased 4 magazines to keep me company during my shift.

I've been sleeping for less than 7 hours for the past 15 days or so. I need some sleep once I get home. XD

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