Monday, May 10

The reasons why I did not vote

Its election time once again. Time to exercise our right to choose our next leader. Time for the candidates to wait who will serve the nation for the next 3 or 6 years.

The last time I exercised my right to vote was during the 1998 Presidential Election where my Presidential bet placed only 5th in the election. I can't recall if I voted during 2001. But as far as I know, I did not vote during the 2004 and 2007 elections.

Moving on, I decided NOT to vote for the following reasons:

1. I moved from San Pedro, Laguna to Sampaloc, Manila. It's not feasible to go back to Laguna just to go to our precinct and stay there for a couple of minutes.

2. Some said that you have to register again since Comelec will be making the 2010 Election automated. I hardly remember if I am still registered or not. If not, I WILL NOT go to Comelec's office in Manila just to register (I've read some horrible stories regarding waiting for almost the whole day just to be registered). In the long run, I have to register for the next elections in 2013.

3. I've lost confidence in both comelec and the current government. For whatever reason, I have this feeling that there would be a lot of glitches happening today. I don't want to count myself as one of those who complains why the process takes too long.

I still believe there is hope after this elections. For now, I will join the silent minority and observe what will happen within the next few years.

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