Saturday, May 22

My UNO Poker Experience

After work, I went to SM Mall of Asia to meet some of my friends (actually, were only 3 hehe). It took me an hour and a half (no thanks to traffic) before I reached SM Mall of Asia. Once I got there, I had to stroll around to kill time. While doing that, I was looking for my friends who will be going there as well. They were at Pancake House so I went there to join them for dinner (my own expense). Then at exactly 8pm, we went to MBC to attend the UNO Poker Tournament.

This would be my first time to join a poker tournament (my second actually but this involves some amount of money). The entrance fee of 500 includes the May issue of UNO plus free food and drinks as well the chips to be used in the tournament itself. I was assigned at table #1. As the game progresses, it was getting more difficult to win a match. Actually, I didn't win a single match at all as I left the table after losing all my chips in less than 30 minutes.

Anyways, after my short stint at the poker table, I went to the other table (with food) to help myself. I took some snaps of the event but it was kinda limited due to security reasons. Out of boredom,we went outside to take a walk. When we came back, we weren't able to see UNO's covergirl for May which one photographer told me that she left just a few minutes after we came back.

Oh well. Better luck next time then. XD

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