Tuesday, May 18

Why DSLR cameras are forbiden in certain places.

I got it at a thread in Pipho.Thanks to Sir John Chua for this.

There are several reasons why DSLR cameras are forbiden in certain places.

1. In Ayala - Makati Business District - To shoot in the street or any place in Ayala owned property - you need a permit to shoot - For commercial purposes you will be charge according - TV shoot or Print Ad - Approx 20 to 50 K per day depends on the usages. They do however give Permit Free of Charge like request from Makati Govt or any worthwhile community organization that will bring good publicity. - Tourists in general are allowed to shoot ( make sure you look like a tourist )

2. Some buildings like the RCBC building houses several High profile Embassies...Do you know they have a military unit guarding the place aside from the security guards. There is one CCD camera focus on the RCBC building monitored by the City Govt..So dont do any fun stunts around that area. - Most owners do not allow their building to be shot. For security and BIR purposes  Cheesy

3. In the Malls and Supermarkets - they do not allow cameras to be brought in the area - market research people uses photos for their competitive report and product display studies... Furniture as well as fashion ware can be photographed and imitated.

4. Owners of residential houses are also wary about people shooting their houses - casing the place for Kidnapping or robbery or BIR investigation or media expose.

5. If you are really serious about shooting a particular area like a museum or even a park - best advise is to go and ask permission from the Officer in charge - do it in writing - proof and state your objective and be sincere about it. then offer either some photos for their own use. or find out if they need any photo of the area which you can give in return for the favor.

6. Fort Santiago is a favorite place to practice and the guards have been used to seeing hundreds of photographers coming to shoot. FPPF Photography Class is based there.

If you find being harrased by photographers taking your picture while swallowing a mouthful - or someone taking a picture of your house early morning then you will undestand why they feel the same way too.

Look like a Tourist and your trouble will be over...MagicEye

BTW - An Entry level camera with a small zoom lens will do
Do not bring a big Camera Bag
Do not bring a Tripod
Do not bring an Assistant

Wear Something strange... a Tourist Shirt ( I Love the Philippines ) (Boracay) (Corregidor Island) best seller (WOW Philippines - Banaue Rice Terrace) Straw hat and a shade... If you need all your gears - get a backpack and wear slippers and hold a tourist map of Makati...

If you notice the security guard starts looking at you - pretend to shoot - the colorful jeepneys and wave your hands to the passengers (gauranteed they will wave back at you. then shoot the cigarette boys and the sampaguita girls and if he still looks at you and start coming towards you - Dont Panic... give your camera to the security guard and ask him to take a souvenir shot of you with the Ayala Ave as the background...bet you 100 peaos he will do it for you. then SMILE and thank him for taking that photo. Believe me it works for me, must work for you too... Try.

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