Tuesday, March 27

The week that was (March 18 - 24)

Sunday: Got up early to take Migmig down but we didn't go out as my daughter had rashes after my wife gave her a bath (they say she shouldn't have gave Migmig a bath the previous day). When my baby had her tantrums, we went upstairs so she could crawl and stand there freely. My wife got up and took Migmig down so she could have breakfast. Then I got my 2 hour nap but I wasn't able to maximize it as I heard my baby cry loud downstairs at times. When I got up, I am having this terrible headache. When I went down, they went up to put our baby to bed. I was able to go online for an hour and I was able to do some Mafia Wars and update my blog entries as well. When I got back, our baby was still sleeping and got up at almost 2:00pm. It was my turn again to babysit Migmig. Late in the afternoon, my wife went to Divisoria to do some shopping as she missed going there. I got my hands-full in taking care of our baby while her mommy is away. She got back eventually at around 7:30pm and took care of our baby from there. I was able to ready Sunday's paper and watch TV before going to bed at almost midnight.

Monday: Got up early so I could take Migmig out but not that far as she's recovering from rashes. When her aunt came, I was able to take the laptop down and go online. I also tried to re-install CS4 but still I wasn't able to install it =(. While doing some of my stuff online, My wife called me saying that I gave her the wrong folder and it was her time of the month. So I went to her office in 45 minutes and got there and handed her the correct folder. I was kinda pissed-off that when she tried to invite me out for lunch, I told her I'm not hungry. I stayed in her office for around 15 minutes before going down to have lunch at Manang's as I felt hungry. Then I went to this building within a few meters away from my wife's office to check Fully Booked and too bad, their Photography section wasn't that much. I took the MRT back home but I drop-off at SM Centerpoint to buy Migmig's milk as well as her snacks as she starts to get bored on cerelac and gerber (Good Baby XD). When I got back, I went online instead and checked my online stuff. By 5:00pm, I went out again to buy my baby a cake for her 11th month of existence. I chose a different flavor as my wife is not really fond of chocolates or anything too sweet for her taste. By the time her aunt has left for the day, It was my turn to have my hands-on on Migmig. Then my wife's sister arrived first and helped me take care of Migmig and a few minutes after, my wife has finally come home. I took pictures of my wife and baby with her 11th cake this month before she took Migmig upstairs for her beauty rest. I got to enjoy the rest of the night before joining them at around 11:30pm.

Tuesday: Got up early as I got take Migmig down for some fresh air. Somehow, her rashes begins to disappear which gave me (and my wife) a sigh of relief. I was able to go online as her aunt came in to take over. I tried installing CS5 but I'm not successful. I left home early so I could be in the office early. Work was quite okay as I got to answer some emails that needs attention. For dinner, I accompanied my colleague as she wanted to try something new. First we went to Enterprise but we found none. Then, we ended up at Ineng's and I got satisfied with my cravings for dinuguan. I just killed some time until it was time to go home and get some much needed rest. 

Wednesday: I got up at almost 7:00am as my wife was still sleeping soundly. I fed Migmig first and changed her diapers before we went out for a walk. I brought her walker with me since she hasn't been using it outside for quite sometime now. After putting her there, all I see are smiles from her as she walked here and there oozing with energy catching up with her seems hard XD. Then as we got back home, her aunt was already there and ready to take over. I tried to stop-by at the dentist that my wife recommended to be but she wasn't there her assistant told me to try tomorrow afternoon. I took the LRT2-MRT ride going to work and got there early. All of a sudden, I felt a bit dazed and quite puzzled as with the things happened. It's like I wanted to be away from it all to find peace with me. For dinner, I wanted to have soup to protect my exposed tooth from the pain but I ended up having dinner at Tapa King (Burp!). Then I had Magnum's Chocolate Truffle and somehow, I'm beginning to like it the same way liking its Almond variant. Then work came to me as I need to  have them resolved and I was able to resolve most of them. After my shift, I logged-off right away but it took me almost 30 minutes to get a ride home so I got home a few minutes past midnight. 

Thursday: Got up at 6:30am feeling so tired and still sleepy while Migmig is so full of energy wanting to get out and exercise. Once were out, my daughter can't hide her happiness as she runs here and there. Her lola and uncle were also happy seeing her enjoy the morning as well as her early months. As her lola carried her since she's tired from running around, I had a quick breakfast at Mc Donalds before we went back home. When we got back home, her aunt was already there. Then I went upstairs to wake my wife up and take a nap. I didn't notice the time as I got up at almost 12:00pm. I informed my colleagues that I'll be working half-day as I need to go to the dentist for a visit. At 1:00pm, I went to the dentist that my wife recommended me to visit to because of its proximity to home. Unfortunately when I got there, the dentist's assistant told me that she's currently handling a patient and suggested me to go back at 5:00pm which for me, its unacceptable. I just told them I'll try again at 10:00am the next day. I left home at 1:30pm and got at Glorietta at 3:30pm. I went to dad's to have my fill of their unlimited merienda buffet. I just killed some time as I had to report in the office on a haf-day basis. I was waiting for my business contact which I'll be buying another battery for my 7D but my contact hasn't responded yet so I went to the office, logged-on and started working. My shift was really productive as I wasn't able to update some of my entries. Probably, I'll try the next day XD.By 5:45pm, my contact informed me that he's already there so I went back to Glorietta to seal the deal and hope it worked on Saturday. Then I passed by Landmark to bus some stuff that I need as well as what my boss needs (his 3 bottles of C2, 1.5 Liters). When I got back in the office, I started finishing some tickets as well as did other things. After shift, I took the first bus on the way back home.

Friday: Got up early again as I need to take my baby out for her morning walk. By the time we got home, her aunt was already there and she took over. By 10:00am, I went to the dentist again and this time, I was able to have my tooth checked. At first, I find her clinic too small and cramped that I'm not sure if I wanted to have my tooth checked. Eventually, as she was taking a closer look, I was able to have peace of mind as she was able to actually determine its problem and what may happen in the near future. She told me to have my tooth crowned as its almost too damaged to further repair. I was satisfied with her insights as she applied permanent "pasta" on my tooth. Once back home, I watched TV until it was time for me to get ready for work. I took the LRT2-MRT route and got in the office quite early. Work was quite plentiful as I'm the only tech on shift from 2-11pm. By 4:30pm, I had my late lunch/early dinner at Chicboy since the soups at The Soup Kitchen was only on 20% discount instead of the usual 50%. Good thing by, 8:35pm, I'm mostly done and got to do other things XD. Unfortunately, our US counterpart had a 30 minute meeting at 9:00pm for 30 minutes which means we need to be on out toes XD. By 9:00pm, were answering the calls for them for an hour instead of 30 minutes XD. By the time I went home, I stopped by Mc Donald's for my Quarter Pounder Meal and my Magnum bar before reaching home in an hour.When I got home, I need to prepare Migmig's milk before going to bed.

Saturday: Got up early and took Migmig out for a walk for a couple of minutes before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. Apparently, my daughter wanted my big breakfast meal as I am having. When we got back home, her mom took over as my baby still wanted to play. I was able to get some few hours of sleep before getting up at 11:00am. My wife took a bath first before I did and I didn't know that she has plans to go to Divisoria to do some shopping. By 12:30pm, I took the bus going to WTC to attend HIN (I'll be creating a separate blog for this event). I stopped by at Chicboy to have lunch there before going in. After a couple of hours, we ended up at Chicboy to have dinner before my friends and I parted ways. I took a cab and grabbed a Magnun Bar before reaching home. Before going to bed, I soaked some of my clothes for me to wash the following day. 

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