Tuesday, March 13

Rest in Peace Karl Roy

Taken from facebook

To my surprise, Kapatid Frontman Karl Roy has already passed away due to complications after having difficulty in breathing. He was never been the same after his last bypass operation. The entire music industry is now mourning for the loss of one of the Philippines' premiere frontman. 

On a personal level, he is also one one of my favorites (from the band P.O.T.) as his music was really inspirational to me. Most of his songs convey strong messages like the one I'm sharing at the end of this post (credits to youtube).

The Late Karl Roy (Credits to DPP)

Below is a message from Kathryn Roy, Karl's sister.

It is with deepest sadness that I share the news of Karl's passing. He was called Home today at 1:01 a.m. Manila time (Tuesday, March 13th), surrounded by those who loved him most - mommy, Keith, Kevin, Krys, his daughter Arianna, and our cousin Jack (Roy-Duavit).

Please continue to pray for Karl. He brought so much joy to others but, unfortunately, did not have enough of it in this life. He's in a better place now, with Lolo Pepe, Lola Conching and Daddy.

Thank you for your kind words and your prayers.

God bless!



"Salamat kapatid". Wherever you are, thanks for rocking our world through your music.


  1. so sad to find out about this, may he rest in peace

  2. So sad. RIP karl Roy. Your music will be forever in our heart. :)

  3. Ahhhh. Shame. May you rest in peace Karl Roy! :(

  4. R. I. P Karl Roy. You are now with Him.

  5. The rock community is really saddened with Karl Roy's death. Paalam, Kapatid!

  6. I was saddened by this news too.. My ex introduced me to alternative-rock music when we were in college. I became a fan eversince. He's now in good hands.. Ingat, Kapatid..

  7. So sad.. :( May his soul rest in peace..

  8. Wow I felt like I was living in the mountains all years of my life. Never heard of Karl Roy. Bummer! I don't know but...well yeah...I'm not cool.

  9. Excuse my ignorance. I don't know him but may he rest in peace.

  10. RIP Karl Roy. May you rest in peace.

  11. Sorry for the late visit back.
    My husband's a fan. Sorry to hear about his death.

  12. So sad about this news. He may rest in peace.


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