Thursday, March 29

Swabeng Tips for 2012 Graduates

First, I would like to congratulate all students graduating this 2012 (NAKS!) as this is one feat most parents would be proud of their children. After blood, sweat and tears, it all boils down to celebrating at the end of the school year.

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But what happens next after graduation? With a lot of options to choose, I could trim it down to a few. Whether you just finished grade school, highschool or graduated from college, let me share to you some swabeng tips to enjoy life after graduation.

1. Savor the moment. Rejoice and share it with your family and loved ones as you were able to achieve a feat perhaps others may only dream of. Do take pictures of you in your toga with your classmates so you would be able to have a souvenir of your victorious moment.

2. Take a breather. Unless you're the next bread-winner of your family, just relax and take time to think, reflect and prepare for the future ahead. No need to be in a hurry.

3. Go somewhere to have a change in perspective: For me, after every school year back in grade school, my mom would let me stay with our relatives in Pampanga to enjoy some time away from school. Going somewhere away from home helps us recharge and get energized and inspired.

4. With great power comes great responsibility: As we grow older, we need to step-up as well so we could make our parent's proud. For college graduates, if you wanted to look for a job right away, please look for one and be more productive.

That's what I could think of for now. Do you have a swabeng tip to the graduates? Please let me know. ^_^

Again, Congratulations Batch 2012! ^_^

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