Wednesday, March 28

Two years in IT

Taken from Google.

I never imagined how time flies so fast that I thought all things happened only yesterday. I even recall some of my first boo-boos when I was starting as an IT Service Desk. There is really a difference between working as a Tech Support Rep and an IT Service Desk with the latter being more fun and challenging. ^_^

When I was working as a TSR, my knowledge was only limited to the product I am supporting. Though it helped me broaden my knowledge in dealing with computer problems, it was only limited with hardware and operating systems problems. With working as an IT Service Desk, I was able to broaden my knowledge with injecting some software troubleshooting plus administering basic accounts that I could say made me basically complete.

With only six months left in my contract, I believe I am ready to test the waters and prove my worth to a bigger IT industry. And for my remaining six months, I have to absorb every learning experience like a sponge and carry it over towards the next.

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