Wednesday, March 21

Events to Attend this Weekend

Bored after a week's work and confused where to go and spend to this coming weekend? Fear not as I'll share some events that you may want to go to XD. 

1. Best Food Forward: I've been set to attend this foodie event since late of last year as I enjoyed my first BFF experience there. But with another event which is more important coming up (#2 XD), I'll try to go there by Sunday with my family probably. 

Taken from their Facebook Page

2. Hot Import Nights: This would the the fist here in Manila. Hence, I SHOULD be there and make history XD. It's been a hit in the US and I know most enthusiasts would agree once they find out. 

Taken from their Facebook Page

3. FHM Bikini Heaven: If only I have tickets to attend this, I might. But a once in a lifetime event (#2) made me change my mind =P.

Taken from Google

Well, I gave you the options. Its up to you how to have fun. ^_^

Let me know how it went ok? XD


  1. Never been to a car show here in Manila. I've been to a car show in Istanbul tho. It was very exciting cos aside from seeing nice cars, you see celebrities too! :D

  2. I will go for best food forward. not really into sexy girls.

  3. Can you bring me there?! I wana take some photos for all the events :D

  4. I love car show... i always join such kind of event here... its always an amazing experience


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