Tuesday, March 20

The week that was (March 11 - 17)

Sunday: Got up early even if I slept at probably around 2:00am. I was able to take Migmig out for some fun in the sun before taking her back to her mom. I told my wife that I'll be out for a few hour so I could go to QC Circle to try claim my BMSD ID. I got to QC Circle in less than an hour but I was having a hard time walking straight as my right foot is still a bit painful. I was initially lost as QC Circle was relatively huge until I saw a group of photographers and I joined them. But I was disappointed as they said that those who have already paid will have their IDs released. I just greeted a friend of mine who happens to be shooting there that I have to go as I don't have any reason to stay longer. I went home as quickly as I could and got back home as I had to assist my wife in taking care of our baby. By around 2:00pm or so, I went upstairs after taking a bath to put Migmig to sleep. She fell asleep almost 45 minutes later before I joined her in dreamland. I think both of us slept for 2-3 hours which was good for me. When I got up, my wife insisted for us to go somewhere but I declined and instead, I took Migmig out for some fresh air and let my wife rest for a while. We got back more than an hour later and our daughter was really excited to be with her mom. I got to spend the night after my wife took Migmig upstairs to sleep. I joined them around midnight to get some sleep as well.

Monday: I got up at 6:45am and took Migmig our for a walk. I took her walker with me so she could do some exercise of her own. Then we went back home as her aunt was already waiting for her. After taking her walker back as well, she took over as I had breakfast. Then I took the laptop downstairs to do a photo-editing marathon after going online. But I think I went online for too long as I began editing by 1:00pm instead of 11:00am.By 1:00pm, it was all business for me as I edited several pictures I took since 2010 and some last year. I finished editing at 5:00pm so I could take care of Migmig. By 5:30pm, we went out to have some fresh air and visit her other lola. We had some snacks at Mc Donalds and tried their Chicken and Spaghetti combo. This time, it tasted better compared to our last visit there. But still, Jollibee's version is the best.My wife arrived a few minutes later and spent time with us before the three of us went home. From there, she took care of Migmig and I enjoyed the night watching TV. I went upstairs early so I could catch some ZZZzzz's as my workday starts the next day.

Tuesday: I got up at 6:30am but Migmig got up earlier. We were suppose to go out but rain made us stay home instead. I put Migmig down on her walker so she could walk within our home but she felt the space wasn't enough and she kept on removing her shoes even if the floor was cold. Thank God her aunt arrived early which gave me the time to rest before going out to go online. While I'm online, I was shocked that POT/Kapatid Lead Vocalist Karl Roy passed away from complications. It was a sad day in the music industry that most people in facebook have set their profile picks to Karl Roy in his memory. I got back home after an hour so I could do other things before going to work. I left home a few minutes past 11:30am as I really wanted to be in the office early so I could secure myself a workstation. When I got to Glorietta, I had lunch first at Kim n' Chi which I haven't been to for sometime now. When I got in the office, I was able to secure a work station as my colleague left early to attend an emergency. Work was light as we were complete during our shift. For dinner, I had World Chicken and Tea Farm at KPMG across the street. It was the first time I saw that building and all the while I've been seeing it every single day. When I got back in the office, I got to chow down my dinner and check other things at the same time. After work, I went straight home to get ready for the next day's event XD

Wednesday: Got up at 6:45am and let my daughter explore our room but I have to guide her on what to touch and what not to touch. Then we went down so she could have a different scenery. Her aunt came early and took over from there. I got to use the laptop and checked my facebook wall as well as checked some of my blog posts. I left home at almost 1:00pm not to report for work (I informed my colleagues earlier). I reached WTC at past 2:00pm to attend Worldbex (Will be creating a separate entry for this). I spent 2-3 hours there before going to Whitespace at Pasong Tamo Ext to attend the Magnum VIP Event (Will be creating a separate entry for this). I had to pass by two stops to get the things that I need. After the 2nd event, joined my friends on their way home having me drop-off at Shaw Blvd before taking a jeep on my way home. When I got home, I felt so tired, but I got to spend some quality time with my baby who was awake at that time ^_^.

Thursday: Got up at almost 7:00am as Migmig is now awake and crawling. Since she's still not feeling well, we didn't go out but instead, stayed in our room and let her explore its boundaries. I agree that the older an infant gets, the more curious she becomes. We have to keep an eye on her more as she keeps on getting more aware. We went downstairs at 7:45am as her aunt and uncle are waiting for her. After letting them hold Migmig, I did my morning rituals and went online early as I have to transfer pictures from my CF card to our laptop. I was able to open my laptop early and went online to check on my facebook wall. When I was about to edit some pictures for submission, my WiFi connection was still open so my Photoshop got boomed and I had no choice but to uninstall it. But when I was trying to reinstall it, it wasn't successful as it keeps on giving me this error that the license has been expired. I tried re-installing it until 12:30pm but I wasn't able to re-install it back. I hurried my way to the office with a quickstop at Chatime. But it took me a while to get my drink so once I got it, I immediately finished it before riding the MRT. Thank God I just arrived in time for my shift at 2:00pm. I got quite busy with work that kept me occupied most of the time. I was able to do com-ex to some of the blogs who participated but I wasn't able to update my own blog. Hence, my backlog piled-up again XD. I grabbed something to eat at KFC (got the Zinger Combo) before going back to the office. I got to work on some tickets which I was able to fix. Come dinner, I tried Adobo Connection's Adobo Flakes and I quite enjoyed it as I need the energy to keep up with the pace of my work. I was hoping I could grab myself a Magnum bar but unfortunately, there were no stocks so I went back to office empty handed. I just killed some time until 11:00pm. I stopped by 7-11 at Edsa-Crossing and thank God, I was able to buy a Magnum Bar to satisfy my craving for chocolate and ice cream. I got home at almost 12:30am as Migmig was still up and uncomfortable with her situation of having her teeth come out. After taking a quick shower, I made sure to lay beside my girl so she could sleep soundly somehow.

Friday: Got up at almost 7:00am after having a sleepless night since Migmig was not feeling well. My wife told me that her tooth has started to erupt out of her gums that's why my baby wasn't her usual cheerful self since the previous day. After she changed her diapers, we went downstairs to wait for my mom as she'll be paying us a visit. When she got here, I let her carry Migmig for me to be able to do my morning rituals. Her aunt arrived already without me noticing it. After my mom went back to work, Migmig's aunt took over as I try to get some sleep at our sofa. Eventually, I went upstairs to wake my wife up and get some sleep. I am so tired and sleepy I got back up again at 11:00am. I took care of some things before I went to work. Commuting from home to the office didn't took me that long as I got to grab a Magnum Bar at SM Makati and had lunch at our building's new canteen located on the second floor. The food was quite good and affordable which makes me want to go back there sometime soon. Since I'm the only one on shift, I need to focus on work more and do other things on the side. My wife texted me at 5:00pm saying that our baby's condition was still the same for the past few days as she's worried as I am. She already asked me if her Doctor has a Saturday schedule and I told her to check Migmig's book. I got 3 calls so far on top of several emails that I need to create a ticket to plus the fact that I'm worried at my daughter's condition makes me wanna go home early and comfort her. For dinner, I went to BFast to have my buffet dinner there. Though they had the same buffet that I had before, I didn't have much of a choice as I don't have the luxury of time to look for other places to eat. When I got back in the office, it was leisure time for me as my colleagues from the nightshift took over from there. By the end of the shift, I call it a day and went home. 

Saturday: For some reason, we got up at almost 8:00am as I thought its only a few minutes before 7:00am. Still we went out to have some fun in the sun for a few minutes before we went back as Migmig needs her diapers to be changed. Then my wife took over as I got some quality time for taking a nap. By 11:00am, I got up again and got ready for work. I left home at past 12:00am as there wasn't any food yet. By the time I got to the office, I checked on some of my online stuff before my boss gave me a handful to work on. For late lunch, I grabbed a Zinger, Bucket of Fries and Pasta from KFC that got me really full. I was also able to update some of my old blogs (around 6-8) and posted them according to their dates. Its unusual for a Saturday shift that I have plenty of work that needs to be done but I had to do this so we would be able to move on with the next. Since I'm still full, I had soup from Mom and Tina's and enjoyed it at my desk. I had 2 Magnum bars as I've been kinda hooked into it for sometime now. I went home at past 11:30am and got home an hour later. I wanted to get some sleep but I guess sleeping at 2:00am isn't that bad as long as I don't do it every night. XD

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  1. Wow--- u seems to have an early morning during that week....


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