Tuesday, March 27

First Hot Import Nights in Manila: Carshow + VIP Concert

I make sure not to miss this event for ages even if I may not be able to have a photo-op with Nikita Esco, Jerri Lee and Arianny Celeste. Some of my friends were able to have a photo-op with them but I guess my time was up and simply enjoyed taking their photos from a distance. XD

I got to the WTC (World Trade Center) at almost 1:00pm and had lunch first at Chicboy before entering the premises. The event seems pretty normal to me as it was almost the same carshow I attend over the years.

What would make it different is the Hot Import Night's Jeri Lee, Nikita Esco and MMA's Arianny Celeste. Whenever they're around, photographers and warm-blooded guys are within a distance to have a chance for a photo-op with them.

By 6:30pm, everyone was advise to go out as they're busy preparing for the VIP Party. This is actually the reason why I have to file my leave XD. We had to fall in line again just to get in. Unfortunately, tickets were sold out (?) which made some upset, rant and go home instead. 

When we got back in, I didn't notice the change except for the stage as well as the front row which I have to make my way to the front the hard way. Anyway, I was still able to get some decent shots during the VIP show. 

The VIP Show coincides with Wave 89.1's 11th anniversary which makes it much fun as some of their DJ's hosted the show. Mocha girls were there and the search for Ms. HIN  is in progress. 

Then, Nikita Esco graced the stage with her dancing moves that all I heard more was clicks of the cameras left and right. Then Jeri Lee was next to perform not outdoing each other but more of complementing each other.

Then the finalists for Ms HIN was announced as KC Montero and Arianny Celeste were on stage to make the event more exciting. As Ms HIN was announced, the crowd chants as they seem they want more. 

The event went well till the end, just in time for my battery to go empty. For 400 pesos, I think its pretty much worth it. I hope year would be a much better Hot Import Nights in Manila. 

Pictures to follow soon. XD

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