Thursday, March 29

Where to go before April starts

Nowhere to go this coming weekends again? Let me give you some swabeng events to attend to as I saw them a couple of days or even weeks earlier.

1. Manila International Auto Show (MIAS 2012): This would top my list as I've been a visitor for five consecutive years. It is the Philippines’ largest and most attended car show, with over 85,000 attendees and an exhibit area of over 30,000 sqm. The event features the best concept cars, hybrid cars, and other automotives that will change the way we look at motoring.I hope I could have the time to watch the drift show this time. XD

Taken from their Website

2. Beyond Earth Hour 2012 Event: Would the Philippines make it four years in a row with the most number of participants joining this once a year event. This time, Makati would host the biggest Earth Hour in Philippine History as we switch off our lights for three hours instead of one. Since the event would be in front of our office, I could take a peak perhaps and see what it brings me. 

Taken from Google

3. Tagcom 6 2012: Another event for gamers, cosplayers, toy collectors and onlookers as Tagcom will be on its 6th year. I could pass by here probably this Sunday ^_^. 

Taken from

4, Alodia's Birthday Bash: Thousands of Alodia (as well as cosplayer) fans would definitely storm here to be with her. But there is one problem, SECURITY. With tight security, having a photo-op with her could be next to impossible but I was able to do it twice. XD

Taken from her Facebook Page

I gave you the options so choose wisely XD. Now go out and have fun but don't forget to share your experience okay? XD

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