Wednesday, October 20

The week that was (Oct 10 - 16)

Sunday: Good thing I didn't have to answer any calls for my shift since there ain't any XD. I just did some stuff while I'm on shift that getting sleepy didn't bother me much at all. I left the office at around 7:05am and took a cab straight home. I was able to get some sleep before 8:00am and got up at 2:00pm with a splitting headache. But still, I pushed through with my plans of going out today. First I went to BHS to attend the Germany Expo there to check on what Germany has to offer. I stayed there for a short while before going to SM Megamall to attend the Otaku Expo Reloaded. I didn't have enough strength to take much pictures as my head aches like its killing me. I took my early dinner at the food court to counter my headache. I got home at around 8:00pm and went upstairs to get some rest. I didn't notice that it was already 11:00pm when I got up again. I did some laundry again before going back to bed. 

Monday: I went to bed at around 1:00am hoping to get some more sleep. But unfortunately, I was up all night long. I tried every position possible to make myself fall asleep but to no avail. My wife even had a hard time sleeping as well as she was burping for an hour and a half before she fell asleep. I gave-up trying to get some sleep and went outside at around 4:30am to grab something to eat. I had to keep myself awake so I would be able to sleep later that night.I went back home at 6:30am hoping to get some sleep but I can't. I decided to pack some dirty clothes and went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there. Going there took me a while but I got there early. I went inside Shopwise to look for some groceries before meeting my mom. Then I went to Glorietta to buy an eye mask that I could use to sleep during the day. Going to Glorietta took me an hour and a half which I don't mind since I need to rest my eyes that time. I got there at around 9:45am so I went to Rustan's Supermarket first to kill some time. Getting my eye mask took me only 20 minutes before heading to MRT going to Boni.I got back home at almost 2:00pm as I got to fix some things before calling it a day.

Tuesday: I got up at around 9:45am. I could have got up much early but my body demanded more sleep so I gave in. Then I just lulled the rest of the morning before getting back to be in the afternoon. Good thing my wife is slowly recovering from her operation and can go online but only for a short time. I left for office at 8:45pm and was able to get there on time.

Wednesday: The night was pretty boring except for one call I got at around 12:20am. I just browsed some websites. Then by 7:00am, I left the office on my way home. I went to the drugstore to buy some medicines for my wife when all of a sudden, I felt hungry and craving for a Burrito. I went to Army and Navy to get my Burritos there. It took me a while to get home because of the horrible morning traffic. I got home at around 9:00am and went to bed to get that sleep I need. I got up at around 4:30pm which was not bad though I wanted to sleep more. My wife asked me to buy some food for her which I obliged.

Thursday: Work was quite steady as they hand over the phone back to us. I was able to answer 3 out of 4 calls. Then after my shift, I went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there before riding a cab home. I felt hungry again so I took a quick bite at Chowking. Their service was quite slow though but I'm hungry anyway. Was able to sleep from 8:30am-5:30pm. But when I got up, I kinda felt grumpy for a while. Since there isn't much food home, I just ate out before reporting for work. Before riding my first train, I felt dizzy, something I haven't felt in a very long time. I got in the office almost 30 minutes late, still feeling dizzy.

Friday: I got my calls at around 1:30am and I was able to do my best but I had to escalate them since it was out of my scope. Good thing our US counterpart was able to provide me some tips on troubleshooting.Good thing my shift was smooth and steady. After my shift, I went to Subway in Glorietta to have a quick breakfast there. They have this promo that for a 6-inch chicken sub, instead of paying 140 pesos, I paid only 69 pesos. Then I went home via the MRT-LRT connection. It took me 45 minutes to get home. Then I woke up my wife so that she would get used to getting up early. I made her milk before I go to sleep. For the 3rd time this week, I was able to sleep though the day with minimal disturbances. I got up at around 5:30pm and had my haircut before reporting to work. I left home earlier but I got there late since it took me a while to board on LRT to Buendia plus the bus I got in conked-out 3 blocks away from the office.

Saturday: We were a bit disappointed since our Global Helpdesk Manager didn't show up during our shift. Little did we know, they were having some fun together with our OIC which makes our OIC dead-drunk. XD. We just spend the rest of our shift working but not that much though. By 4:00am, I felt I'm craving for Zinger. I went out to find one but unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a Zinger after going to 2 KFC branches that I know in Makati that are 10-15 minutes away from each other and from the office. I had to settle for 2 Sausage Mc Muffin with Egg and a Large French Fries. Then after our shift, I took a cab home so I could get some sleep early. Little did I know that I wasn't able to get out in the afternoon since it was raining so hard I just went to bed again and sleep some more. Though I feel a little bit sad that I wasn't able to go out that day, it didn't matter much since I had to work that night. I left home early again and dressed smart since our Global Helpdesk Manager was there.

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