Tuesday, October 5

Most Common Interview Process in Call Centers, Revealed!

For those who want to get into the call center industry, here are some tips from Jobopenings.ph.

Most jobseekers aim to work in call centers due the great job opportunity it offers. Who would’nt like to work in an industry that offers high salary, loads of benefits and out of town team buildings? Call center really offers a lot of tempting perks!

However, applying in a call center is not as easy as 1-2-3. Out of 10 people who apply in call center only 3-4 gets the job, so preparation is really a virtue!

To help you out with your preparations, here’s the most common interview process in call centers:

  1. Screening process- A Human Resource (HR) personnel would screen you to ask you basic questions. Some HR conducts reading comprehension, you will read a story and would re-tell the story based on your understanding. Some would just ask basic questions like your background, likes or any random questions just to test your communication skills.

  1. Listening and Reading Activity- An HR officer would test your hearing and reading ability since call center agents take calls. You will ask to listen to different kinds of voices, accents and phone feedbacks. You will also read series of sentences or stories and re-tell the story aloud.

  1. English and Typing Examination- If you pass this level, then you're few more steps closer to the job offer! English grammar, basic math and basic computer knowledge are often the scope of the examination. Aside from the exam, a typing test would also be done. Here, you will be ask to type a paragraph or series of words in as fast and accurate as you can.

  1. Phone Simulation- The phone simulation is said to be the toughest level since it will put you in the real scenario. You will be given a handbook where the services are noted. An HR officer who would act like a customer that would call you and ask for the services or would complain about his/her problem. All the possible answers are written on the handbook so its going to be how you would handle the conversation.

  1. Final Interview- If you reached this level, you are one step closer to your goal-the job offer. The head HR would interview you and ask series of questions. Never show pressure and never rattle because he/she would decide if you are deserving for the job offer.

The Job Offer- After you succeeded the intense application process, you will receive a job offer. However, the process is not yet over. After you get the offer you will ask to be trained, and will still be graded based on your performance before they will ask you to be part of the company.

There you go. Hope this helps. XD

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