Thursday, October 21

Two years in Photography.

It has been two years since I started DSLR Photography. Actually, 2 years and 8 days to be exact. I still remember the feeling I got my DSLR camera the first time courtesy of my ex-gf (who is now my wife btw XD). It was like there's no tomorrow then for me taking pictures.

I know its not easy losing my camera the first time as I had to sent it for repairs. We were separated for two months. That would mean being unable to create lasting memories back then. Since I got it back last April 2010, we were almost inseparable every weekend. I take it with me wherever I go taking more beautiful photos. Up to now, whenever I have the time, I make sure to go out and take pictures as much as I can.

Also, I supplemented my photography skills with basic photo-editing to bring out the best in my pictures. I used to hate Photoshop because for me, it makes the picture unreal even if it enhances it. But as time goes by, I learn to appreciate Photoshop and how to use it to make lovely pictures lovelier.

But this time, I need to learn more and keep on shooting to get that perfect picture every time. Now why am I still here? I should be out there shooting. XD

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