Monday, October 25

A Car Show/Rainy Pool Party

Last October 23, my friends and I attended The Run, Ride and Rave car show at Manila Ocean Park. It was the first time that Manila Ocean Park had a car show plus it was my first time to attend a carshow based in Manila. Usually, car shows are being held at either, SMX, WTC or SM Megamall but probably, they wanted to promote Manila Ocean Park more hence, they have the event there.

Good thing I was able to get some good sleep before heading towards the venue. Though I got there early, some of my friends were earlier than me and way too early than I expected XD. The weather that time was sunny but I sense rain is coming. We went inside Manila Ocean Park to check-out how the place looks like. 

The place (Manila Ocean Park) Looks ok as well as their hotel (Hotel H2O) but the hotel rates are too steep. We moved further into the place and I feel that I'll be back there sometime soon together with my wife. 

Once the weather was more ok, we went back outside to take pictures of the carshow models since the cars were so common to me. Meaning, I've took photos of these cars from previous carhows. As we got hungry, looking for a good place to eat was challenging. We had to go to several spots before we chose to have dinner outside MOP (Manila Ocean Park).

After dinner, we met our other photography friends and we head to the Acquatica Manila (One of MOPs attractions), because the Rave Party will be happening there at the Liquid Bar and Lounge (I heard its their soft opening). 

First, we were treated with light and sounds show at Acquatica. They ave us plastic raincoats to proetect ourselves from the rain as well as some water splashes. We felt like we were kids once the show started. We were laughing and we were shouting "WHOA!!!" whenever we're at awe with what we saw. After probably 30 minutes or so, the show ended prompting for us to wait for the event we've been waiting for since late afternoon, The Bikini Pool Party. 

At first we were excited as the EB Babes performed their dance number in front of us. We had a good position but our camera lenses were not enough.I wish I could have an upgraded lens with me.

After the EB Babes, the Premiere Vixens contestants showed their stuff by ramping through the walkway with their bikinis. I was able to take some quick shots of them but wished I could have those 70-200mm lens to give me a better picture XD.

Then the party got boring. Why, probably the production didn't know what to do next. For the next few minutes, they were still setting-up the stage for the bands where it should have been there. Anyways, my friends and I tried the Liquid Lounge and Bar. This was also their soft opening, hence the event that day XD.

The place was different from the bars we've been to in the past few years. It has two indoor pools and its interiors were quite different as well.

Since the event on the other side was boring, we decided just to hang-out at Liquid and enjoy the scene there (as my friends enjoy swimming together with their new found friends XD). I was able to take more pictures of my friends together with some new found friends and we really enjoyed partying there XD. I was able to spot some celebrities there and have a photo-op with some of them including Ms Wendy Valdez.

We left the place probably at 2:00am as we were the ones who closed the gate. The event wasn't that exciting but staying there with friends was really worth it.

Pictures are to follow (Again! XD).

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