Wednesday, October 27

The week that was (Oct 17 - 23)

Sunday: I was not the only one in the office during my shift.Out Local IT Manager, as well as our Global Helpdesk Manager were here. With then are 2 Lotus Notes Administrators (1 from US, 1 from EMEA). I was able to finally meet them in person. We didn't have the time to talk much since they were on their way back to the hotel after a 5pm-2am shift for the migration of our Lotus Notes. But cut that technical stuff. I got two calls before my shift ended. I left the office at 7:05am and went home right away. I was able to do some laundry to keep me awake but I fall asleep as soon as I finished my laundry. Then I got up at around 2:00pm since I need to pay our internet bill. I went to Robinson's Galeria to pay the bill but I have another thing in mind. To help myself with another sushi buffet. After paying the bill, I went to SM City North Edsa to check out the other branch of Sakae Sushi. I was able to get there and tried their sushi buffet. I got disappointed at first since there were only a few selections from the moving crate. After 30-45 minutes, their crate is filled with red plates which I've been waiting in a long while. Usually, when I eat there, I get their red-plated sushi and green-plated sushi since they're more expensive than The blue-plated or yellow-plated ones. After having 9 red plates and 2 green plates, I decided to call it a day and head home. I was able to pass by an exhibit featuring Macau. I got some flyers for reference. Then I took the MRT-LRT2 route on my way home. We were supposed to attend the 7:00pm mass but heavy rain fell which made me extremely wet when I got home. I tried to stay awake until 11:00pm for me to be able to get a good night sleep.

Monday: Good thing I was able to get some good sleep last night as I got up at around 7:30am to go online. Then I had to wake my wife up before 11:00am for her online duties. I left home to go to Ariel Javelosa Studio in Mandaluyong to get the Draft of our final video for viewing. It only took me at least 2 hours for the entire trip. We were able to watch the video when we got home (For me, that would be the 2nd time). Then, during the afternoon, I just stayed in our room to fix some of my things. Then I kinda doze-off for a while before regaining my senses back.

Tuesday: I got up a bit early to go online and make myself feel sleepy. I was able to get some rest for 5-6 hours before getting to work. I left early so I wont get late. I was all by my lonesome during my entire shift but I was surprised why they didn't transfer the phones to nightmode (during US Lunch hours). Probably they knew I was not feeling well that time.

Wednesday: Good thing they didn't transfer the phone until 5:00am this morning. Even if I got 2 calls, that's fine by me. After my shift, I was looking for a quick fix for breakfast. I passed by Mc Donalds but they don't have the one they are looking for so I took the Ortigas-Quiapo route. I was able to grab a big cup of taho for only 20 pesos. Then I hop on a bus going to Legarda with stopping by a Pares Restaurant at San Juan in my mind. Unfortunately, I can't seem to remember where is it exactly located. I just had my breakfast within our area and went home. Good thing I was able to get some sleep within the day. I got up at around 6:30p and tried my luck at the 6/55 Grand Lotto hoping I would win the 200+ million peso jackpot. Then I left for office and got there just in the nick of time.

Thursday: Got a little bit busy whenever the phones are transferred to us by our US counterparts. But that's fine by me since, I learn something from every call or email I answer. After my shift, I had to get some money from the ATM since I feel hungry. I had my breakfast at KFC in MRT-Ayala Station when my wife texted me saying she wanted eggpie. It took me a while, probably more than 30 minutes before being able to buy some eggpie for my wife.

Friday: Work was quite slow since both me and my team mate were able to do some idle time. I was able to re-open my Cisco Learning Network. It took me a while to recall my user credentials but I was able to sign-in before my shift ends. After my shift, I went home via the Ortigas-Legarda route. I was able to get my 20-peso taho craving as soon as I got to Ortigas. I was hoping then if I would be able to locate the Pares restaurant. Good thing I was able to find the exact location as I missed it last time and made sure to remember where it is. I was able to satisfy my craving for beef pares though I'm not satisfied with the taste of the pares. Then I got home at around 8:30am and was quite surprised that my wife was awake while reading my books on how to improve your English. We were able to have our quality time despite my work schedules and I do like seeing my wife smile a lot. I know it helps the baby to be healthier. XD.I was able to get a good sleep during the day before heading to the office for work.

Saturday: Again, I'm all by my lonesome tonight but its ok since I'll be on leave Saturday night. Work was quite steady as I was able to to some installation and configuration on some of the user's PC. I was able to hold my own very well during my shift and made sure all is done and accounted for. After my shift, I left the office but went to Intramuros first to have my chicken meal for breakfast. It took me a while before reaching there but it was all worth it. I was hesitant to go all the way since it was already semester break already (except for my alma mater, Mapua). After my hearty breakfast, I went home to rest for a couple of hours before going to Manila Ocean Park to attend the Run Ride Rave car show and pool party (a separate blog will be created for this).

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