Friday, October 22

What would I buy if I won more than a Hundred Million Pesos

There would be another mega-million draw from Lotto's 6/49 on Sunday as well as 6/55 on Saturday. Though my chance of winning the jackpot would be one in a million, its not bad to wish I would win tonight. But as people hope they would win, they would probably think of what to do with that huge amount of money. If I win, here's what I will buy aside from donating to charity.

1. A mansion where me, my wife and my family (both sides) can stay for the rest of our days. Since its a mansion, it would be very spacious and homey as well. Also, I'll make sure to get the best home appliance to make sure my family is well taken care of.  I would even let MTV Cribs feature it. Then I'll invest in a 20-Unit Town House for those who want to live decently

2. A set of Canon DSLRs and Lens so I could still continue my hobby in photography. Photography really change the way I perceive life and its beauty. I'll collect the L-Lens since a lot of people say they're really good

 3. I could also get a set of Nikon Camera's and Lens since I have lots of money to spend with. Probably, if I didn't discover Canon first, I could have end a Nikon user. 

4. Since I used to play Magic the Gathering back in college, I could collect this once more to build my future decks as well as collect other decks used in World Tournaments.

5. Since I surf the internet and play games online, Its best to use an iMac or a Macbook for me and for my family. I will make sure to use licensed software to help software makers fight piracy. Probably, we could set-up an internet cafe of iMacs though rates per hour won't be 15Php/hr (20-30Php/hr perhaps).


6. Before touring the world, I'll make sure to visit Philippine's best tourist spots. I would allot a year or two to travel around the Philippines to discover their culture and probably take lots of pictures as well. Or probably, two to three years of local traveling will do since taking pictures as well as enjoying the scene takes time.

7. For me to go to places, I got to have these hot rides. I'm not very much particular with the brand, What matters most is the performance and the ability to store lots of pasalubongs for my folks. As of this writing, I wanted this one...

A Black Hummer for myself. XD

8. For recreation, I wanted to have a huge game room with 2 billiard tables, 2 dart sets, a table for ping-pong, at least 30-50 board games and at least 30 top arcade games to make sure everyone is having fun.

9. I have to take good care of my health particularly my eyesight. I've heard about Lasik here in the Philippines and I wanted to take the opportunity to have them restore my 20/20 vision once again.

10 A home-gym similar to that of Gold's Gym is what I will also be investing for.This will not only help me get into shape but my family and friends as well. 

10. Being a musically-inclined person, I need to have a studio where I could jam with my friends and probably record our first album here. I'll make sure to get the best Guitars, Bass and Drum set for our Jamming session.


11. After traveling the entire country, I'll make sure to visit other sites from other countries

12. Since life is already fast-paced, I have to load up on Supplements (vitamins and more) so I could maintain my health to at its best as well as my family.

That's all that I can think of right now. Dreaming isn't that bad once in a while right? XD

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