Monday, October 4

My Experience at Cosmania X

Yesterday, I went to SMX for the nth time to attend the Cosplay Mania X, popularly known as Cosmania X. I had been anticipating this event since May since there would be a lot of cosplayers (old and new) who will be there as well.

After my 10pm-7am shift the previous night, I went home right away to get some sleep for me to be energized. I got up at around 1:00pm to prepare for the event. It took me a while before reaching SMX since there were a lot of people who wanted to spend quality time with one another. As I got in, there were a lot of people inside (cosplayers, photographers and fanboys XD) roaming around and taking pictures of their favorite cosplayers and some toys.

I was able to take some pictures of toys and cosplayers while meeting some people I know in photography doing their thing again XD.  I got tired after 3-4 hours of roaming around which made me decide to call it a day.

Here are some other pictures for you to look at end enjoy. XD

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