Sunday, October 17

My October to-do List (First Update)

As of October 17, here are the things I have done so far

1. Get all mens magazine collection for October: (Got FHM only. Probably, I'll get the rest within November)
2. Accompany my wife on her follow-up check-up this October 6. (Done. Next check-up would be on the 3rd of November)
3. Attend Pipho's 5th Anniversary Event (Done)
4. Attend Conmania X on October 3. (Done)
5. Transfer e-books on Photography/Photoshop from my office PC to my USB. (Done)
6. Edit some sets of pictures (5-10 sets).
7. Attend Eurofest 2010. (Unable to attend due to heavy rains).
8. Attend FHM Pool Party / Carshow on the 23rd at Manila Ocean Park

I'll update this again before the month ends. XD

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