Tuesday, February 26

Swabeng Review: Starbucks' 2013 Planner

You'd wonder why in the world I'm only writing a review about a planner where it suppose to be written between December of last year and last month. The answer, I'm TOO BUSY with a lot of things that's why =P. 

Anyway, I had this Starbucks Planner for 2013 as early as December of last year and I kinda liked some of its looks. First, I made sure to choose a dark colored (black) to match my personality as well as to make it look manly :D. 

Another new feature of the planner is the magnetic bookmark that looks like your favorite hot drink. 

If you look at the design, there are patterns of starts that are engraved both at the front and back and when you open the planner,  the pattern of stars are on the inside cover as well. 

A new addition to this planner is that they used magnetic locks to keep it closed. Something, I find it nice. 

Well, you can also find the usual coupons at the back for you to enjoy the entire year. ^_^

What I like about this planner is that in a way you help their support their selected charity that helps remote barangays receive early childhood care and education and at the same time, you enjoy coffee.

Anyway, pictures to follow soon for my Starbucks' 7th Planner. XD

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