Thursday, February 14

Marien 365: Week 11 (Day 71 - 77)

Day 71: She's having her milk in a bottle as I got home from the office.

Day 71

Day 72: At almost 11:00am, she's still sleeping. XD

Day 72

Day 73: She just got up at 7:30am XD.

Day 73

Day 74: I just got home at past 2:30am and she's still up waiting for me.

Day 74

Day 74: It happens to be she wanted to make-face before we sleep XD.

Day 74

Day 75: I made sure I spend my transition off wisely and take a good picture of her.

Day 75

Day 76: Mommy playing with her angel.

Day 76

Day 77: Again, its almost noon and she's still sleeping.

Day 77

Week 12, up next. XD


  1. It's always nice to see babies sleep. They are always so at ease and very relaxed.

  2. Nice set once again Mark..
    Oha dn here, you are the proud Dad..
    I can only imagine the feeling of coming home knowing that your daughter is waiting for you to take her portraits... ;)

  3. That is one very cute baby! I hope for the best for this cute little angel.
    - Wanderer Juan

  4. Super cute baby! I bet she's going to be very pretty when she gets older! :)

  5. Mas maganda po sana kung mas inayos nyo pa po yung hegaan ng babay to make more attractive. but okay naman so far, kasi ang cute ng little angel. . :]

  6. She's growing up na makulit. Malalim pa ba ang bumbunan?

  7. Just like what you are doing I documented my son't first 365 days; so nice to see a baby growing up.

  8. Wow! You really took a picture for each day of her life :) I wish I were that diligent :) I do have photos of my son from time to time but never as detailed as yours :)

  9. Documenting your baby's day to day life is an amazing thing.

  10. Documenting you baby's day to day life is an amazing thing.

  11. I miss having a little baby inside the house. Ang sarap lang! I like their smell, breath and soft skin. Ang bilis nila lumaki kaya okay tong ginagawa mo :)

  12. I love babies they are so adorable and delicate but sadly I don't have a baby yet.

  13. waaa.. cute little baby. I can see that you are a proud father. She's an angel.

  14. So adorable! I love viewing your photos. Thanks for sharing. :)


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