Thursday, February 14

Swabeng Photowalk: Chinese New Year 2013 (Preview)

Last Sunday, I got to experience how to celebrate Chinese New Year. This is one of my bucket lists as everytime I plan to go to Binondo to shoot, it always gets cancelled. I had to skip Nanay's birthday at Manila Ocean Park just to make sure I can fully experience CNY. Anyway, I can make it up to them next year XD. 

As Lawrence Chan started his tour, we were informed about some of Binondo's streets and its history. He also showed us some of the old buildings and told us its rich history. I made sure to take pictures and took a mental note to back it up twice. 

We also got to visit some of Binondo's old restaurants and bakeshops. All that we visited are much older than me, and even older than Lawrence Himself. XD

We could have covered a lot more in the afternoon but we had to wait for some late comers in the afternoon plus our late lunch was  about close to 2 hours so I think we could do it again next year. 

If you ask me, I'm looking forward to celebrating Chinese New Year again at Binondo next year if my schedule permits. ^_^

Pictures to follow soon XD. 

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