Wednesday, November 28

Swabeng Random Thoughts Part 6

1. Its been two months since I last Swabeng Random Thoughts

2. Its been two months since I left my job to do other things and yet, I felt I'm still piled up as I need to get things done. If I could hire an assistant, I would but I don't have enough funds to do that. 

3. Though many advised to manage my time accordingly, if you have a baby that constantly needs your attention, she has to be first over everything else.

4. I still have 6 pending posts for 2011 and most of them has something to do with food. 

5. From almost 120 pending post, I somehow trimmed it down to 88. BUT with some drafts from my notebook (around 50-60), I guess I need to clear-up again. XD

6. My pending sets to edit for 2012 piles up to almost 200 with 50+ more for 2011. XD

7. I have to  download all old pictures from Multiply as their software isn't working on my PC. Thats 15,000+ shots from 2007 to 2010. 

8. I still have to find time to get back in shape. My sleeping pattern almost changes every 3-4 days. 

9. Probably, I'll enjoy the rest of the year without worries until the end of the world (NOT)! The world won't end on December 21st as some would claim. =P

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