Wednesday, February 27

Swabeng Review: Bo's 2013 Coffee Book

This was one of the last 2013 Planners I've been eyeing at before 2012 has ended. Eventhough I told myself to limit my planners to as few as possible, this Planner, or should I say Coffee Book is one item that one should have. When I saw this planner one-time, I was really sold that I must find a way how to get one even when I was still jobless that time.

Fourteen stickers, 200-peso purchase for every sticker is all I need to get one and within the next few weeks, I was able to get a copy myself. Anyway, I always have a knack of writing down anything I fancy. Be it an eight-liner poem, some thoughts or future plans, having a planner is really something that I need.

Its a hard-bound book that also acts as a journal for you to write on and even if I keep notes on my cellphone, I still write them as back-up and archive. Unlike some of my planners that are leather-bound, this may be one for the books (one of my favorites). Also, the pages are a bit thicker than most planners and it has grids (almost similar to math notebooks). 

What I like about this Coffee Book is that it contains a couple of facts about coffee. When I say facts, these are very interesting facts. It was like the first time I've got to know some facts about coffee like its scientific name, where it usually grows, climate where it thrives among others. 

The history of this drink is from way back 800AD when an Ethiopian goat herder found out that his goat became more energetic after eating coffee cherries. Here in our country, its history traces back to the 18th century during the time of the Spaniards. 

Out of around a hundred species of coffee, only four are grown commercially which we are also one of the few countries that provide all four (Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa and Liberica). Each can be grown in a specific area though I still have yet to perfect on how to differentiate the four (there is a proper way to taste coffee). 

I wasn't surprised to know that there are several steps in harvesting coffee beans and make them for consumption. Also there are a few ways in preparing coffee aside from mixing 3-in-1 coffee and I hope I could at least master one of the ways of preparing coffee as well as mastering ratios of mixing ingredients as well. 

I hope you were able to get this Coffee Book and enjoy its pages too. This is where I would write down all my plans in the future and all my aspirations and I hope I'd be able to fulfill all of them. 

Pictures to follow soon. 

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