Sunday, February 24

The Week That Was (February 17 - 23)

Sunday: Got up early as I went online and backed-up some of my files from my CF Card and my USBs. I noticed that my lower back was a bit hurting as I tried to stand-up straight  My mom arrived early as Migmig was still sleeping and we went down as my baby was already wide awake. I was able to go out and go online for a couple of minutes before going back home to get ready and had lunch. By 1:30pm, were off to Edsa Shrine to attend the 3:00pm mass. After mass, we had our early dinner at Burgoo as I used my calendar coupon for the month of February. All of us got really full from our dinner and we decided to head home. As my back really hurts, I had to get some sleep early together with Migmig. 

Monday: Got up at 6:15am though my lower back still hurts. I tried fighting the pain but its sharper than  the previous day. I took a four-ride going to work and good thing I still got to work on time. I was able to read and learn some command lines on Linux and tried a few of them. Pretty fun! Before I got home, I was able to go online for a few minutes. After that, I had my time with my daughter as she's pretty much active that night. 

Tuesday: Got up at 6:15am with my back hurting and my left foot on the verge of pain again. Good thing I was able to walk still. I left home at almost 7:30am and got in the office just in the nick of time. Again, I read some knowledge-based articles from our site and tried saving them on my personal folder for quicker pick-up. The day was pretty much steady as I try to learn and absorb as much as I could in the shortest time possible. By the time my shift ended, I took a cab going to SM Sta Mesa to buy some stuff for Migmig. When I got there, I bought some wipes and the latest DPP Magazine to add in my collection. I had some halo-halo and bought some medicine for my maintenance before finally going home.

Wednesday: Got up early as I'm ready for work (training). I arrived in the office at 8:15am with plenty of time to spare. I was able to meet our IT Manager in person before having breakfast. I was really hungry and I anticipate that it will be a busy day. Our manager oriented us on some processes which I may attend another training session in the near future. I did some usual readings and downloaded some materials that I would find useful in the near future. Had my lunch and dinner in the office as the rest of the team were doing other things. I was lucky to hop-on a PVP bus on my way home but I went online for close to an hour before buying my baby's milk and ice cream.

Thursday: My daughter was having a hard time sleeping because of running nose (colds) as both my wife and I got up almost every hour. I even had leg cramps that was so unbearable I screamed in pain. Eventually, I had to get up at 6:15am and get ready for work. By the time I got to the office, I was asked to create an escalation ticket and answer a call on my 6th day (overall) of work. I'm not complaining but rather its an experience for me to be up on my toes and make sure I'm always updated and not left behind. Good thing I was able to watch the video that my colleague shared to me about Linux-Ubuntu and I'm still trying to grasp its foundation. I set my learning curve to a sharp one so I could pressure myself a little bit to step-up. When I got home, I was able to spend some time with my daughter before finally going to bed.

Friday: Got up at 6:15 as the weather was not that cooperative. On my way to work, I had to change my route as I couldn't hop on the bus because of the weather and the crowd. By the time I got into the office, my my feet got soaked so I had to take my socks off and have it dried. Breakfast was in the office before we started observing on how a user is set-up. It wasn't as easy as it looks since it entails some command lines on Linux that I have still yet to fully understand. Also, I've never set-up a user's stuff physically like setting-up the phone as well as putting some additional applications to their respective PCs. Well, for me, I welcome that aspect as I wanted to do all of that on my own within a few months time XD. I got to watch some video tutorials on Linux before completing my 5-day shift. I had dinner in the office before leaving at almost 7:00pm. Traffic was really heavy that I went to MRT hoping traffic would be smooth. I was wrong. I couldn't see the path where I was going to so I had some tea at Starbucks in Glorietta 5 before hailing a cab home. I was really tired for the day as I went to bed and get some sleep. 

Saturday: Got up late at around 8:30am as my body still yearns for more rest. Had breakfast with rice after going no-rice for the past couple of days. I took care of Migmig in the morning and in the afternoon as her mom went  to Divisoria for some shopping. I went online as soon as my daughter fell asleep. I was able to chat with a former colleague about my clearance/coe and he mentioned that I can still get one. Then I editied close to a hundred photos before Migmig got up again. The rest of the day was pretty boring as I was able to get out at 10:00pm to have dinner at Jollibee and went online for a short while before going to bed. But Migmig wasn't sleeping yet so she keep on talking to me with some baby stuff until both of us fall asleep. XD

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