Tuesday, February 12

An FBW Dinner at Napa

A few weeks back (Thursday), I was invited for dinner by Sumi at Napa Restaurant located within the Tomas Morato area. It was a post Christmas gathering for the FBW Volunteers which we had our first successful GEB last December. I recall having vouchers for this place but I wasn't able to use them (money wasted).

Unfortunately, I left my CF Card back home when I had all my gear with me (I had a very bad week as I need to get over it and start over). So the photos that you may see here would be courtesy of Sumi. 

Napa Restaurant and Bar has this combination of American and Italian feel that when you get inside, it feels like home. There are no high-chairs as of the moment so I may take my daughter there when she gets a little bit older. 

I was one of the early comers in the group, hence I was able to sample Napa's dishes from the appetizer down to their dessert. 

First off, we had Veggie Crisps (165 pesos) for starters. The chips are thinly sliced you'd always hear a crunch in every bite. Compared with other chips, this would be a healthy alternative to your usual potato chips as its made from sweet potato. 

Veggie Crisps

Next on the table was their, Cheesy Chicken and Spinach (270 pesos). Made from 4 different types of cheese (cheddar, blue cheese, emental, and mozzarella) together with bits of chicken and spinach served on a toast (focaccia). Usually, this is served as a dip but since were in a group, they decided to put the dip on top of the bread. If only we were few that night, I could have finished half of the tray. XD

Cheesy Chicken and Spinach

Then, we had Buffalo Wings (235 pesos) served on the table. I'm not new to buffalo wings as I've been craving for one for the longest time. Good thing they had celery sticks that complemented the wings and sour cream, though I prefer blue cheese as my dip. 

Buffalo Wings

Since I anticipate for a night long feast, I have to save some space for my tummy to try every dish possible. Now comes the main event. XD

The Pork Chop Grande (450 pesos) served to us was quire enormous. I think its good for sharing but for a hungry dude, a plate may not be enough. What I like about this is its tender and not hard to chew. Honestly, I can prepare porkchops myself but with this one, I'll give an exception. XD

Pork Chop Grande

Next served was their Sicilian Chicken (420 pesos). This dish was an instant hit for me as the chicken was marinated in selected blends and spices that proved to be flavorful. Served with salsa, buttered vegetables and mashed potatoes, you can't go wrong with this dish. If only I had my CF Card with me, I could took a lot of pictures of this dish.

Sicilian Chicken

Then, its carbo overload. The group shared some pizza and pasta as the night continues. 

Pasta Gamberi (360 pesos) was our pasta for the night. A pomodoro-based sauce topped with shrimps and sauteed garlic, chili and olive oil. It tasted just fine for me as I was hoping for a different king of pasta (a penne perhaps). 

Pasta Gamberi

As a pizza lover, I looked forward to their Cinco Formaggio (420 pesos). Its a brick-oven baked pizza with 5 different kinds of cheese (cheddar, swiss cheese, blue cheese, mozzarella and kesong puti). As long as the pizza is a thin-crust, I really don't mind digging-in. And its the first time I've heard a five-cheese pizza. XD

Cinco Formaggio

Another pizza served was their Vegetarian Panizza (395 pesos). Served with arugula and alfalfa sprouts, this pizza has the classic combination of the pomodoro pizza sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and more alfalfa sprouts. I accidentally drenched mine in their chili oil but I liked how spicy my panizza was. 

Vegetarian Panizza

Thank God, I still have some space for dessert. Their Mango Torte (165 pesos) was served on the table. On the outside, it looks like your regular torte but don't let that deceive you. The moment you had a bite, you would enjoy how crispy and chewy the layers are.

Mango Torte

Well last but not the least, Napa's version of the Lava Cake (190 pesos). I recall having one a few years back and this version is really decadent. Who would say no to a moist and rich chocolate cake oozing with hot chocolate syrup with vanilla ice cream as companion. Seriously, don't care about your diet if this would be your finale. XD

Lava Cake

I can't say no to a photo-op. Besides, its only very rare that I have myself photographed together with good friends and the best bloggers in town.

By Thursday, you may want to make early reservations for their valentine promo. Or you may want to sneak out for lunch with their promo. ^_^

Definitely, I'll be coming back together with my wife and daughter soon to try their other dishes myself. And next time, I'll make sure to check my gear with me. XD


  1. glorious foods, if only I could grab it in front of my desk

  2. lovely foods! i am sure each of those food would be nice to paired with those wines! yumymu

  3. The food all look good! I can't wait to dine in this restaurant with my family. :)

  4. Too bad I missed this one but the food looks really great. I will try it soon.

  5. The Purple Doll (pics) is in your blog, nice!
    All those food creations are very inviting plus you dine with your fellow FBW. Great! =)

  6. Ayos ang meet-up nyo . Happy to note that tuloy ang bonding ng FBW volunteers. Baka pwede sama naman ako next time kasi I like the foods.. Yummy. LOL

  7. Maybe I can check in to that place when I have the opportunity. I love watching those delicious foods. It makes me crave for more sweets.

  8. Another spotted place to visit. By the way, is it a different community of bloggers?

  9. Awww I wish I was there! You guys looked like you had lots of fun on top of that awesome food :)

  10. It's inviting to see these food photos. I hope to try their food when in Manila. It's also a nice gathering with fellow FBW.

  11. You practically had a feast during this gathering. The food simply looks gloriously good.

  12. Judging from the group pic i'm sure you had a good time at Napa.. the food looks very delicious!

  13. wow. they have great food there.I am curious with the famous Mango Torte. I love the cozy place.

  14. The food photos above by Sumi looks awesomely appetizing! Craving for some of them right now!

  15. Wow! everything here looks yummy. I am particularly interested with the vegetable crisps. I agree that is is a healthy alternative for the usual appetizers that are being served in most restaurants.

  16. everything looks so delicious and mouthwatering.. I wonder how the cheesy chicken and spinach tastes.. very intriguing.. :)

  17. This looks fun!
    Aside from a few travel bloggers in FBW, I havent met any other cool bloggers

  18. Great food and not that expensive too.


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