Sunday, February 17

The Week That Was (February 10 - 16)

Sunday: By 5:15am, I'm already up and awake as I head off to Binondo to attend my first Chinese New Year photowalk (I'll write a blog about this). By 6:30am, I was there at the Binondo Church while waiting for the others to arrive. The walk lasted a whole day as I felt so tired when I got home and slept at close to 10:00pm. 

Monday: Got up early so I could do some stretching. I was able to have my BP checked to my surprise that it was pretty high (140/90), Good thing it went down to 130/90 before leading for Makati for my follow-up check-up with the Cardiologist. I went online for an hour as a side trip as I'll be waiting at Grepa Medical Center for a while. I got there at around 12:00pm and waited for almost 2 hours. Thank God the cardiologist gave me the go signal to work though he had some findings that made me worry. Then I went to company #2 to submit some additional requirements that I need to submit. Then, I went home right away to spend some time with Migmig and for Nanay to do other things. Then, Company #2 called to inform me that I was unable to submit my CBC results which I was able to do so as early as last week. With that, my start date may be moved on a later date which I really wanted to work already. I was able to go online that night before going to bed. 

Tuesday: Got up at 6:30am as I need to go to Makati again to dispute my CBC results which was not forwarded by the medical center. However, I had to wait for my mom which will be paying us a visit. I took a bath and got dressed until she arrived. I didn't stay long as I need to be there before 11:00am Once I got there, I submitted the result which was with me all along before going up to inform them that I have submitted all my requirements. They informed me that I may start by Wednesday which gave me a sigh of relief. I had my lunch at Sbarro at SM Manila before finally going home. My bp for the day was pretty steady and normal as I got to go online while Migmig was fast asleep. By the time she got up, we went down to enjoy the rest of the day. I was able to go online that night before going to bed. 

Wednesday: Got up at around 6:30am, anxiously waiting if I'll be working today or not. Company #2 texted me regarding some documents that I have yet to submit. They gave me until 1:00pm to send it to them through email. I had to go out by 11:00am to email them the final document that they need before I can officially start working. By 12:30pm, I'm done as I head back home to spend the rest of the afternoon with my daughter. I went online while she's sleeping. And then we went downstairs to wait until night time. Then we went out to have some exercise while she feels the could air before going back home to wait her mom arrive. I was able to go online as I got a text message from Company #2 saying I'll be starting tomorrow. Now that's what I'm looking forward for the past few months, working again. XD

Thursday: Got up at around 6:15am as I get ready for my first day at work. I made sure I had breakfast to save some money and for me to sustain the entire day as its been almost 5 months since I left Greif. I left home at 7:00am and got to Makati a bit early. I had some juice at Starbucks while reading Thursday's paper. By 8:45am, I went up to the office (Company #2) for my first day. I was oriented by the HR for a couple of minutes before I was endorsed to the IT Department. To be honest, I felt that this may be the company I long working with and hopefully retire there. Imagine, unlimited coffee, tea, bottled water and juice as well as free food for everyone. But there's more, they had a spa for employees which they can avail (provided you have your voucher with you). When I sat down at an empty workstation, I was delighted to work with a dual monitor set-up and with a lot of new things to learn, I got myself more than a handful XD. I started browsing through Linux online and even tried installing myself. It was pretty easy yet I feel that I need a lot of practice for me to master it. I left the office at 6:00pm only to find out that there are a lot of people outside waiting for a ride home. I just meet-up some old friends for a good conversation over a Chinese restaurant before taking the MRT-LRT2 ride home. By 9:00pm, I got home as Migmig was waiting for me. She got a little bit playful as probably she missed me the whole day. By 11:30pm, I went to bed and look forward for the next day. 

Friday: Got up at close to 6:30am as I still feel sleepy. I left home at close to 7:30am and got to the office at around 8:45am. For the day, I was able to watch some tutorials on Linux-Ubuntu which made my learning experience much better and faster. Lunch was different this time but never the less its still free. Though I'm getting the hang of Linux-Ubuntu, it may take me a month to a couple of months for me to be familiarized with it. It also took me close to 2 hours before getting home but luckily I got home earlier than the previous day. I spent some time with my daughter before going online and finally going to bed.

Saturday: Got up early at 6:30am but I don't have work today. I went to Intramuros to have breakfast at Manang's. Then I went online for an hour before going to SMX to attend the Travel Tour Expo (I might write a blog about this). By 12:00pm, I had lunch at Masuki before taking a cab home. When I got home, Migmig was about to go to sleep but since the weather was humid, I turn on the aircon and she was able to go to sleep. My wife left for Divisoria for her shopping while I went online again. But since the internet was slow, I decided to edit some pictures. I was able to edit close to a hundred pictures (3 sets) before my daughter wake up. She had her late lunch while I got to watch some TV. We also went outside so she could have some exercise before going back home. I browsed some of the magazines I got from the fair this morning. Dinner was at Jollibee before calling it a day. XD

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