Thursday, January 20

My First Planner from CBTL

My first CBTL Planner

After my shift, I went to Four Season's in Salcedo street to hang out at CBTL. I find that place quite as if I'm some where in the suburbs. But when I got there, there were people already. There goes my quiet time there. XD

I got inside the place and ordered a Double Chocolate Latte and Sans Rival to help me keep awake. I handed to them the stamp card and claimed my very first CBTL Planner. I have no Idea what this planner look like until I saw this blog from Ruth. I share this with my wife through Yahoo Messenger and she liked the planner even telling me not to complete the other sticker from its competition =P.

After completing my stickers for the other planner. I immediately started collecting stamps for this one. One fact is that their products are a bit more expensive than its counterparts. But I'm willing to try each one of them and probably give my comment or feedback about it (I'll blog them soon enough XD). Almost everyday I went to CBTL to try out their products. Some were ok, others aren't.

And they come up with a double stamp promo. For each drink you order (limited to those that are indicated in the stamp card), your card will get two stamps. I didn't waste time to have my card stamped twice on different occasions. In no time, my card was almost full of stamps.

With the unfortunate incident that happened to me recently, I was looking forward that they would do much better in setting customers' expectations as well as making their customers satisfied with their products and services.

After claiming my CBTL Planner, I checked its pages for any loose leaves and torn pages. I found none. In fact, it was really reading the details of the planner while I sip my chocolate latte. I was able to take pictures of it as well as experiment on some of my shots since I wanted to take pictures in RAW.

All in all my recent experience with them was ok since I haven't encountered any inconvenience on my part as well as the management and crew from CBTL Salcedo gave me an unforgettable experience.

I liked my planner so much, I'm looking forward to next year. XD

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