Tuesday, February 28

Changing Covers (FHM March 2012 Issue)

I was doing my usual browsing at my wife's office when I saw a statement from FHM. They decided to change the cover after several reactions from people who find it disturbing in a way that they say it depicts racism.

Taken from their official website

I'm thinking whether to post it or not but I can't help myself but feel sorry, upset and disgusted towards those who think of it that way and to FHM for easily giving in. I've been an avid supporter since the turn of the millennium and I've seen a lot of changes in it but not without a controversy or two. The last one I've heard was probably with Diana Zubiri's photoshoot that called the attention of a city mayor.

I've posted a comment on their facebook page saying "Sorry but only MALICIOUS MORONS would think the cover depicts racism. =P" I've got some comments about my reaction but I still stick to my comment and to my stand. I am against racism but I think this issue may have been over-reacted to.

Though there's nothing I could do about it but wait for their new cover layout, I hope we could be more open-minded with things and not get too sensitive that we take things too literally. 

Just my f/2 thoughts. 

Again, here is the cover that should have been released this week =P

Now imagine a dark-skinned model flanked by several fair-ladies, do we interpret it as racism too?


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  2. I agree!!!!

    Nakakatawa lang ha, most of the people who reacted don't event read FHM or men's magazines!

    Yung mga malisyoso lang naman nag react eh. Sila yung nakaisip na racist yung cover kasi sila mismo ang nagiisip na dark-skinned people are inferior of light-skinned people. I mean really, pano nila naisip na racist yun kung wala sa sistema nila (consciously or not) na inferior nga talaga ang dark-skinned sa light-skinned?

    Hay naku. >_<

  3. I am a fan of FHM since I was in Highschool. and yes I would have to agree that there last biggest controversy was "Ms. Diana Zubiri's photoshoot". My grandma thinks its still porn tho I kept on telling them I've learned a lot from the magazines' previous topics. Let's all face it, FHM will always be controversial, whether we like it or not :)

    I actually understood what FHM was trying to put out here. But I still think comparing "black women" to "shadows" sounds a bit racist. I dont like the cover,
    BUT.. Im glad that FHM, just like before, apologized.

    Now, Im more excited to read der March 2012 issue! :)


  4. if they didn't use the word shadows, i think i'd personally just let it pass by. pero sometimes, one can't help but connect something one sees to what one reads. so yeah. pero it's a good thing they'd be changing the cover nalang para matapos na. :>

  5. Where is the new FHM cover? Is it out yet?


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