Tuesday, February 14

The week that was (February 5 - 11)

Sunday: Got up at around 7:00am and took Migmig out for a walk. I went to 7-11 to get some refreshments while my daughter enjoys the fun in the sun. When we got back, I gave her back to her mom and bought Sunday's paper. Then my wife went online by 11:00am and I took care of Migmig and put her to sleep. I got to read Sunday's paper before getting ready to spend some family time outside our home. My wife wanted to go to Gateway to check some things there and at the same time, meet the buyer I've been exchanging text messages with regarding my acquisition of a "New DSLR" from Canon XD. We took the LRT2 ride to go to Gateway. Once we've got there, we've meet the buyer and took us almost 30 minutes to seal the deal. When I tried to take a snapshot of my wife and daughter using my new Canon EOD 7D (I'll definitely write a blog about it soon), she was very satisfied with the output. The transaction was smooth and pleasant and I hope that my new DSLR will last for around 3-5 years or so XD. After the deal, We went to Gumbo to have our late lunch there. Since I have a coupon with me, we ordered two big dishes for the price of two small dishes. I tested the camera again and I think I would be shooting more again. Then we had drinks at Chatime where I introduced it to my wife. She enjoyed my selections as we spent some time there enjoying our drinks. Before we went back home, my wife bought a headband for Migmig and we tried looking for her (Migmig) dress for her upcoming 1st birthday. We found one but my wife found it expensive.When we got back home, I tested the camera and I like the way the shutter sounds. We just spent the rest of the night quietly before heading for bed.

Monday: Got up at 6:30am as I still feel so tired and sleepy. I was supposed to take Migmig out for a walk but since I need to meet my mom that morning, we just went out but I didn't bring her walker. I had a drink at 7-11 before going back home. Good thing my wife's cousin arrived early so I had to prepare and leave for Harrison Plaza . I got there after an hour to meet my mom and do some groceries before going back home. Then, I set-up our laptop and started to go online for an hour. After that, I edited around 20+ albums that I took last year, most of them were shot in RAW. I felt tired as I edited my shots for around 6-7 hours. Since Migmig's aunt, left a little early, I got to put Migmig to sleep at around 5:45pm after giving her baby milk. I felt asleep as I got really tired and I didn't notice that my wife arrived already. I got up at 8:00pm and Migmig got up at 10:00pm. I had dinner outside before going to bed with my family.

Tuesday: Got up at around 6:45am as I took out Migmig for a walk. For the past 3-4 days, she's been getting up earlier and earlier that made me lose an hour or two of sleep XD. Not that I'm complaining but I wished my wife would take her turn in taking our baby out early in the morning. I had breakfast at Mc Donald's and I also had my baby try some pancakes which I think she likes it =). When we got back, her aunt was already there so she took my baby from there and I went online for a few before getting ready for work but not after having lunch at home. I just got in the office in the nick of time but I didn't have any workstation until 3:00pm. From there, work was really slow that I wish I wanna go home instead XD. I bought my dinner from Chicboy and had it in the office. I got to fix a single issue which made my day quite boring XD. I got home at past midnight and tucked myself to bed.

Wednesday: Got up at 6:45am as my baby got hungry and my wife was to lazy to prepare her milk so I went down and prepared Migmig's food. Then we went out for a walk again as she really enjoyed the sun plus the exercise.When we got back, Migmig's aunt was already there ready to take over my duties. For some reason, after going online for an hour, I decided to transfer all pictures and videos that I took using our old digicam. But that process took me 3 hours which I started at past 10:00am. I left home at past 1:00pm knowing that I'm gonna be late XD.Instead of rushing towards the office, I took my sweet time going there, including stopping at Power Books in Greenbelt to check some photography books there (I saw a title that I may buy next month). I got in the office at almost 3:00pm and worked on two tickets. By 8:00pm, I went out to have dinner at BFast hoping that their menu would be different. Unfortunately, their entire buffet was almost the same except for some. I got really stuffed when I reported back to office at 9:30PM. My colleague told me that they were swamped with calls since the phones were switched to day-mode at 9:00PM instead of 8:00PM (That's good timing for dinner XD). Work was pretty much light as I got to do other things before going home.

Thursday: Got up at around 6:30am and took Migmig out for some fun in the sun. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to use her walker as my wife washed it last night. So we just went out and carried her with me while outside. I also got to have her crawl across our bedroom floor since she's really insistent on exploring new territories. When we got back, I slept at around 9:00am and got up at 10:45am which somehow helped me recharge more. I got to watch WWE's RAW before leaving for work at almost 12:30pm.I got to the office in the nick of time and enjoyed my shift. By 4:00pm, I went out to have my late lunch at Chicboy. Aside from my usual Lechon Sisig Meal, I ordered a Tuna Sashimi to add variety to my lunch. It was a tummy-filled lunch as I got back in the office an hour later. Work was quite steady as I got two tickets before calling it a day.

Friday: Initially, I got up at 6:00am as Migmig was already awake. We got to feed her since she's hungry already. Thank God, she fell asleep before 7:00am which means, I could catch some sleep though I think I wasn't able to fall asleep deeply. By 8:30am, We all got up as my wife was running late again for work. After my wife have left for work, I fixed some of my clothes before leaving for work early. I left home at past 12:00pm and got to the office at almost 2:00pm and stared working since I'm the only one on shift. I had to work my way until past 7:00pm before having my lunch at Chicboy. When I got back, I got two calls and a few tickets before my day ended. My legs are killing me for the past couple of days now and I think I really need a massage sometime soon.

Saturday: By 5:30am, my wife and I were already awake as our baby was already crying as her diaper was filled with poop. She told me that our baby had a slight fever since yesterday and we hoped she gets better. We got to feed her and put her to sleep in 30 minutes. We slept again until Migmig wanted to go out at 8:00am which I obliged. I didn't take her walker so that she won't get so much tired and for her to rest well. By 9:30am, we got back home and went upstairs to wake my wife up XD. My baby was quite uneasy as she's still having slight fever. Though worried, I know my baby can fight through it and get back to her old self. I left home at past 12:00pm knowing that I'd be running late but fortunately. I got in the office just in the nick of time. Since I'm the only one on-shift, I had the entire office to myself XD. I went out at 3:30pm to buy something to eat at Banapple and Bonchon. And since I'm the only one in the office, I don't have much of a choice but to eat at my desk on a weekend. Anyway, it was still fun as I got to participate in a comment exchange on one of facebook's group page that I'm in. And for the past two weeks, I've been having fun doing it. But having 2 calls for the night ain't much fun but good thing our US IT Manager was online and I was able to clarify some things and asked for his advice. Though unresolved, I got to understand the next steps to be taken when dealing with it. And since I wasn't able to play my Mafia Wars that well, I stayed for an hour more and left at midnight. I took a cab straight home as my wife was still up and awake.

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