Monday, February 20

The week that was (February 12 - 18)

Sunday: Got up early as I took Migmig out with me for some fresh air for a change.As we get back home, I did some errands and bought Sunday's paper but I wasn't able to read all of them as by 10:00am, everyone was busy getting ready to go to SM Megamall. My wife's siblings planned a day out for their mom (my mom-in-law), enjoy the rest of the day literally without anything to do. We hail an FX and thank God all eight of us fit inside and went to SM Megamall. Around 1:00pm, we got there and rented a stroller for our baby before heading to Rack's to try their Surf n" Turf as they have been wanting to try it in a long time. When we settled down at Rack's I took out my camera and took pictures of my loved ones and the food once it was served. After our late lunch, we strolled around the Mall particularly at Cyberzone and at the Department Store and bought some items for Migmig. We got hungry again so we had some snacks at Crepes and Creme and took some more pictures. By 7:00pm, we all head home and getting an FX wasn't hard as I expected. Once we got home, I rested my legs while my wife and Migmig rested upstairs. I didn't know that they were sleeping already as I checked them after reading Sunday's paper. I went online at past midnight for an hour before going to bed.

Monday: Got up a bit early as I took Migmig out for a walk before getting back. We waited for her aunt as my wife and I decided to take our baby to The Medical City to have her checked as she's possibly having diarrhea since Friday. Taking a cab was quite easy as well as going to the hospital. Waiting for our baby's turn took us almost an hour though. I put her on the scale and she gained some weight (8 kilos). When it was our turn, all of a sudden, Migmig started to cry so loud and she didn't stop crying during her visit. Hence, I wasn't able to listen to the doctor's notes on how to cure her. She was given some medicine for diarrhea and we waved goodbye to her doctor. She even waved goodbye to her doctor while crying as well. Since my wife and I didn't had a decent breakfast this morning, we had lunch at a Japanese Restaurant (Sorry, I forgot the name XD) at Rockwell Business Center. After lunch, we went straight home to get some rest. Once we got home, I went out to buy Migmig's medicine and got to redeem Mercury Drug's 2012 Planner (I might write a blog about this whenever time permits XD). When I got back home, I spend the rest of the afternoon watching TV while waiting for Migmig to get up. After her aunt left, its our turn to take care of our baby as we tried to put her to sleep but she didn't go to sleep until past 8:00pm. Then I got to watch some TV before joining them in bed.

Tuesday: I got up early to take our baby out for a walk. When I got back, I had my stuff ready but when I was about to leave home, I had my lunch first. I took the three-bus ride going to the office knowing that I might be running late for work and for our mini-event. When I got in the office, I rested for a while and had some snacks courtesy of our OJT-Trainees before taking out my camera and took pictures of our Valentines-Event. I got to take a few photos as I am also one of the contestants for the day but that was enough for me and I got to work on my new camera on how to deal with artificial lighting that we have in the office. I won 2 out of 3 events that I joined (not bad XD). Since I'm totally stuffed with all that we ate, they had pizza for all employees since its valentines day. I grab some slice and had them a couple of hours later. Late in the afternoon, I went to SM Makati to buy some diapers for Migmig. Instead of the usual Pampers (399 pesos for 52 pcs) I bought Prokids (470 pesos for 40 pcs) since my wife wanted to make sure that Migmig's poop won't leak-out. I wasn't able to have dinner as I am really full with plenty of food that we had for the day. After shift, I took a cab going home so I could spend Valentine's Day with my wife and kid. I got home a few minutes before midnight and my wife was still up and awake.

Wednesday: Got up earlier as I need to go back home to San Pedro to Visit my dentist. However, my body feels so heavy so my movements were quite slow. I did some of my daddy duties before getting ready to go back home.I left at around 8:30am and got there a few minutes past 10:30am. On my way, I felt sleepy so I got some a few minutes of rest. For some reason my body begins to feel more pain as it wanted to get some more rest. I slept at my bed until 12:30pm and got up to visit my dentist. Unfortunately, I was so disappointed that the dentist doesn't want to proceed since my tooth wasn't ready when it is actually. I got back home and prepared my things for work. I got to sleep again while on my way to work. By 3:30pm, I am in the office and set-up my PC. My body was really heavy and I couldn't even sit-up straight. By dinner, I tried to eat as much as I can at BFast but after a plateful, I felt like I'm gonna vomit as my body gets heavier and heavier by the minute. By the time our shift ended, I could hardly walk. Good thing, when I took a cab going home, the driver didn't bore me as he shred some interesting stories about his work (as a cab driver). When I got home, Migmig was already sleeping while my wife was still awake. I just changed to something comfortable before going to bed.

Thursday: I think my wife and I got awake at past 5:30am or so as Migmig was already hungry for her milk. After feeding her, we were hoping that she'd get some more sleep but apparently, she wanted to go out already. Even if I feel sick and heavy, I took our daughter out for her walk and spend some time outside for a few minutes before going back.I fell asleep at past 8:30am and got back up at 10:00am. I just watch TV and informed my colleagues that I'll be gone for the day (sick). After taking a bath, I bought some medicines to supplement me especially in getting better as quick as I can. By 2:00pm, I got back to sleep on the other room and got up at past 4:00pm. Migmig got up a few minutes later. After her aunt left for the day, we had to wait for a couple of minutes before my wife arrives. Apparently it happens to be that my baby wanted to spend more time with her mom and she slept at around 9:00pm after spending more time with us downstairs.I joined them at past midnight as I got to watch some late night news first.

Friday: Got up at almost 7:00am felling a little much better from yesterday. I got to take Migmig out but only for a short time and I put her on the walker inside our home as her aunt came at almost 8:00am. I tried to get an hour of sleep but I wasn't able to do it successfully so I just fixed my things and left early instead to attend the "19th Travel Tour Expo 2012" (Thinking if I would create a separate blog for this or not). When I got there at SMX at almost 12:00pm, there were a lot of people walking around looking for the best deals and some were already in queue paying for their airfare, accommodations among others. I've been to this kind of event for a couple of times now and unfortunately, I can't do any traveling for the next 2-5 years for personal reasons (raising our baby should be first). As consolation, I got to gather some maps and booklets that I haven't got in the past travel expos that I've been to. Only a few stuff got my bag heavy so I head off to Yoshinoya to grab something to eat. I got in the office 10 minutes late and loosen-up a bit before setting-up my PC.Workstation. I got to answer two calls and do 4 tickets as I am the only one on shift. Since my body was still recovering from yesterday, I decided that I'd have soup for dinner but not just two full bowls, but I got four full bowls. For whatever reason, I just grabbed all soups and tried to finish them all. Unfortunately, I just downed three of four. After shift, I stayed for a while as I sorted my things out before taking a cab going home. When I got home, I saw Migmig awake, trying to stand-up and she was able to do it successfully but while she's holding onto something. I took some pictures before going downstairs to freshen up and head back upstairs and get some sleep.

Saturday: I got up finally at 8:30am as Migmig got awake again after she slept again earlier. We just went out but I didn't take her walker as it was already hot. I had breakfast at Mc Donalds before going back home. My wife had to feed Migmig first before I put her to sleep at almost 11:00pm. I got some sleep again and got up at almost 12:00pm. I quickly prepared for work and left at 12:30pm. I thought I'd be stuck in traffic but the bus I got into was clever enough to go through another route. Thus, I got in the office just in time for my shift. I bought lunch at Banapple and took it in the office so I could have it there quietly. Work was quite ok as I got a call and some emails to work on. I was about to have dinner but unfortunately, I forgot my ATM somewhere at home and all I have left is around 50 pesos (my budget for transportation going home). So I went back to the office and hope I won't feel much tired. An hour later, I went down to 7-11 to grab something to eat at a lesser cost. Though I wasn't able to satisfy my craving, it is enough for me to get myself nourished. I left the office at past 11:30pm and took a bus ride home. My wife was still up and awake when I got home so I asked for some money so I could buy something to eat as I am still hungry. After having my late snack, I went online until 3:00am before joining my wife and baby to sleep.

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