Sunday, February 26

The week that was (February 19 - 25)

Sunday: I got up at almost 8:00am as I slept at around 3:00am. I took Migmig out but only for a while as I had breakfast at Mc Donalds. When we got back, my wife tried putting our baby to sleep but she only slept for a couple of minutes. Come 11:00am, my wife was online so I had to take care of her for the time being. At around 2:30pm or so, all three of us slept though the weather was quite warm (my wife tends to feel cold so easily). By 5:00pm, I got up and took a bath so we could attend the 6:15pm mass. When were inside the church, Migmig got a bit talkative so I took her somewhere with me until the offertory part. After mass, we went to my wife's mom to spend some more time there and I bought food form dinner (I bought some from Chowking). I got to read Sunday's paper before going upstairs to sleep early. But it took us a while as Migmig was having her tantrums again. She's at her best at the wrong time of the night XD.

Monday: I remember my wife and I got awake at 2:00am as Migmig was crying loudly again. We tried to pacify her but it wasn't working. Even her lola was having a hard time but eventually, my wife was able to put her to sleep undisturbed. Got up at almost 7:30am as all of us slept a bit late (Migmig was crying really hard again). I took her out but I didn't took her walker because its already hot outside at this early. When we got back, her aunt was already there so she took care of our baby while I took the laptop down so I could upload photos to my blog to make it more meaningful XD. I am doing that while watching WWE's Elimination Chamber. After the matches, I continued uploading pictures to my blog but our internet connection was really slow so I wasn't able to maximize much of my time uploading pictures. By 4:30pm, I went out to buy some medicine for Migmig as well as her 10th month cake. When I got back, I took Migmig with me as her aunt was done for the day. We went to her lola for a couple of minutes before going back home to wait for her mom to come home from work. Once her mom got home, I was able to do other things aside from putting Migmig to sleep for the night. That includes watching TV and doing getting my things ready for work. I think I joined them after watching the late night news.

Tuesday: Got up at 7:00am as I took Migmig out for a walk. I brought my camera with me so I could take photos of her while were outside. I got some good shots before going back (not after buying her can of milk). Then I went online for a few hours before getting ready for work. I took the 3-bus route so I don't have to walk long distance like when I take the LRT2-MRT route. I was 5 minutes late but it didn't matter. Work was quite steady as I got to do some emails to work on and update some of my blogs by adding pictures to add some punch into it. I bought Lechon Sisig again from Chicboy for Dinner and had it in the office. Work was quite slow on the second half of my shift so I got to enjoy other things. As the clock struck 11:00pm, I left the office and stopped-by Mc Donald's to grab a Quarter Pounder Meal for me to chow down on my way home. I think I got home at 12:30am before joining my wife and baby to bed.

Wednesday: Got up at almost 7:30am as my baby was still sleeping soundly. I was able to take some snap-shots of her while sleeping so soundly when all of a sudden, she wakes up and smiled at me =). We went to her lola so I could do some of my morning rituals. When we got back, her aunt was already here so she took it from there. I used our laptop to sort some of the files that I took using our old digicam. The pictured weren't bad, its just it could have been better if I used DSLR for those XD.I didn't ate that much since its Ash Wednesday that day. By 12:00pm, I went to St Anthony Shrine to hear mass and have my forehead marked with The Sign of the Cross. Though I didn't finish the mass, I left at almost 1:00pm and took the LRT2-MRT route with a quick stop at Chatime. I arrived at the MRT Ayala Station at 2:00pm but instead of hurrying up, I just took my sweet time that I even passed by Power Books to check for new photography books that I may buy in the future. I got to the office at around 2:30pm and set-up my PC for work. I don't know but I wasn't in a mood to work so I just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of my stay in the office. By 7:30pm, I had dinner at BFast again as there was a reunion of sorts there mostly by older women so I wasn't able to have dinner quietly. When I got back, I just waited for the clock to stuck 11:00pm before taking a bus going home. My wife was still up and awake so I just took a quick shower before going to bed.

Thursday: I recall that I got up as early as 5:15am as I felt that there was no electricity that time and I got to sweat a lot because of the morning heat. Eventually, electricity was restored and I was able to get some more sleep. Then I got up at around 7:30am and I took Migmig out for some fun in the sun. When we got back, her aunt was already there getting ready to take good care of her niece. I also taught her how to use the aircon just in case the weather gets too warm. I left home a bit early so I could have lunch outside as there wasn't any cooked lunch back home. I took the three-bus ride knowing I could be late.When I got to Makati, I went to this building that my wife told me to go to so I could claim her free health card from Caritas Health Shield. It took me around 30 minutes or so before I could get her card. Though I got in the office at almost 2:30pm, I didn't care as I just set-up my workstation and started checking emails. I got a call and several emails to take care of within my shift. Then all of a sudden, I feel my back hurts that made my movements slow and limited. For dinner, I bought Lechon Sisig again from Chicboy as I've been quite hooked into it. I got a call and 5 tickets during my shift as I was able to do other things XD. Before going home, I passed by Mc Donalds from some Coke Float and got home an hour later. I read some magazines before finally going to sleep when Migmig got awake and went into active mode. She was playing with us and probably we were able to put her back to sleep at around 2:00am XD.

Friday: All of us got up a few minutes past 7:00am as Migmig was already awake and smiling. My mom paid us a visit as I need some stuff from her and gave her some as well. Then Migmig and I went down as her aunt was already there. I used the laptop so I could upload some more photos before going to work. While on my way, Im browsing a travel brochure I got during last weeks Travel Tour Expo and I'm kinda day dreaming that I'd be somewhere in Europe with my wife and Migmig. Who knows it might happen XD. I got in the office early and I was able to set-up my workstation. I felt hungry early so I had lunch at Chicboy and stayed there for almost an hour. I had Lechon Sisig and Tokwa't Baboy for lunch as my back was really hurting. When I got back, I got to process some more emails before ending my day. I was suppose to grab something to eat at Mc Donalds but with the long queue I saw, I simply took the bus going home and got home after an hour. I went online for a few more minutes before going to sleep.

Saturday: Got up at around 7:00am as I took Migmig out for a walk even if I still feel sleepy. She got her morning exercise though I need to put her shoes back as it keeps on being removed. I had breakfast at Mc Donalds as well to keep me nourished and spend more time with my daughter. When we got back home, my wife gave me a hand as it was her turn to feed her and give our daughter a bath. I tried to get some nap but I wasn't able to do so. I left home a bit late as my wife took a bath first which leaves me to put Migmig to sleep (Thank God she slept =) ). I was anticipating heavy traffic along Taft Avenue but the FX driver took a different route. When we got to Buendia, I grabbed a Quarter Pounder Combo from Mc Donald's before taking a bus going to work with plenty of time to spare. Work was ok as I got 3 calls and did some requests which made me busy for a while. Also, I joined comment-exchange for a group of bloggers which took most of my Saturday shift XD. By 7:30pm, I went to National Bookstore to buy a ream of A4 paper but it was quite expensive that I thought it won't exceed 200 pesos so I had to skip it. For dinner, I wanted to have Bonchon but the crowd was too much so I looked elsewhere until I got to Pepper Lunch and tried their Beef Teriyaki. That was a delicious meal that made me full. I enjoyed the rest of my shift and left at 11:30pm. I took a cab after grabbing a big cup of Gatorade to quench my thirst and hoping to remedy my lower back pain which hurts me for a couple of days now. When I got home, Migmig was up and awake again so we had t put her back to sleep before going to sleep as well.

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