Tuesday, February 7

This journal will actually change my life in 2012 (A Review of my 3rd of 5 planners)

This would be my third (of five) planner that I acquired after getting the Starbucks Planner and the Awesome Planner 2012. I didn't expect to buy this one as I have already more planners than I can handle and write into. But what made me get this planner? What made me so curious about it that I spent almost 800 pesos to buy this planner?

"This Journal will Actually Change Someone's Life 2012" Planner was published by Free Speech Publications since 2008 and they have been producing this planner for 5 years now. All proceeds of this journal goes to Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc. which handles different projects in building schools and orphanages, organizing medical missions, raising awareness for animal welfare and of course, changing lives all over the world.

So much for the introduction. I'll now dissect this planner (I'll be calling this journal moving forward on this post to avoid confusion) per section. 

This journal is less than an inch thick and its also hardbound that fits most shelf and bags that we usually carry. Actually, its my ideal journal though I wanted it bigger for more writing space.

Upon opening it, I was amazed on the amount of interesting information mostly events. It's also loaded with bits and pieces that will surely spark-up your mind.

It has pages that you could doodle your mood for the day as well as put in your weekly expenses so you could track them easily. There is also a page that lets you check your health as well as finding how are your goals for the year.



Though it has no coupons for discounts and freebies, the knowledge that you'll gain on this journal is more than enough for a personal planner like this.

I'm looking forward to grab a copy next year.

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