Friday, February 24

My 2nd Gift Giving Journal (A 4th Review on CBTL's Planner)

The day after Christmas, I was able to claim my 2nd planner from CBTL (4th overall XD). After their promo has begun, I started collecting stamps already ^_^

Its been addicting collecting planners at the end of the year which breaks my resolution of saving more in a year. Hence, I end up spending some at CBTL for some hot coffee and good ambiance.

After getting my first CBTL planner last year, I was decided back then to continue collecting CBTL planners.

Anyway, here's my take on CBTL's Gift Giving Journal (GGJ) 2012. There are my personal opinions and were not influenced by any outside forces.


First, I kinda noticed that the GGJ is a little bit smaller than its predecessor. The cover is hardbound too with a book-like texture which is also different from last year. If you ask me, I prefer my 2011 GGJ than this one.


Upon browsing the first pages, there are discount coupons waiting to be used each month. Also, there are interesting bits and pieces of trivia to read on and think. A tracker is also included as well as a gift giving cheat sheet if you have friends that you wanted to give gifts to.

It also has the usual stuff a planner has like the monthly and weekly pages for you to fill out. It also has a feature of an advocacy or project that CBTL has taken part of. The photos that were included each month were really good and heartwarming as well.

At the end pages of the GGJ, there is also a note section where you can write anything or simply doodle and a list of emergency numbers in case of well, emergency. You can also add your numbers as well for additional contacts.

Well, I have to make use of it so it won't go to waste. XD

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