Tuesday, February 14

What I'm doing this Valentines Day?

Basically I'm at work right now and I won't be able to log-off until 11:00pm. Gone were the days that my wife and I would free-up Valentines Day and have dinner at a posh restaurant before watching the last full show.

Both of us won't mind not going out today as we need to prioritize other things. First would be our daughter, who would turn a year old in two months time. 

Our baby at 232 days old. XD

We'd let other couples and singles enjoy the day as we will enjoy ours as soon as both of us get home for we will be spending Valentines Day at home with our baby. 

Happy Valentines Day!!!


  1. Awww...your daughter is adorable. Congratulations! Mine turned 1 Dec. last year. And man, babies grow so fast! The first birthday party should be memorable :) Is she walking yet?


  2. Well Valentines is not all about every couple, it also means your love to your family and care for work. For without working, you won't be able to show up your love and support to your baby.

    Ok lang 'yan, Family is a priority.

  3. Spending valentine's with your baby is still one great occasion worth celebrating :) she has really beautiful eyes :)

  4. When I was beginning to read your post, I thought you posted a mature one. Thought of passing, but decided to read it anyway. You got me there. hehe BTW, spending Valentine's with the family is fun.

  5. super cute! diapers, milk bottles and poo poo valentine's date! :))


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