Saturday, February 25

For FHM's 12th Anniversary Issue....

Its the lovely Bela Padilla on the cover of FHM's Bikini Issue for 2012.  I was hoping for someone else but Bela would do for me. XD

Photography by: Xander Angeles
Styling by: Alyanna Martinez
Make-up c/o: Cha Cuyong
Hair styling by: Jermelson Celestino
Special Thanks to: GMA Artist Center

I vividly recall how I started collecting FHM since 2000 and up to now, I never miss a single issue. Through the years, they keep on getting better and better. Having events open to everyone, no wonder FHM is really number one. XD

Out in your favorite bookstores and newstands next week, I can't wait to have a copy and to attend the autograph signing again. XD

Happy 12th Anniversary FHM!!!


  1. guess this is the reason for the adult warning hehe. not much for my virgin eyes haha.she's beautiful though she doesn't look like her on tv.

  2. She looks like a younger version of Paulene So (whatever happened to her BTW?)

    Also love the red bikini. Very stylish!

  3. she certainly looks hot, although i don't favored her much.

    thanks for the visit.


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