Thursday, February 23

Documenting a Global Snack

While browsing some of the websites I usually visit, I saw this advocacy and I think its a good way to help people fight hunger.

Taken from their website

On February 24th at 12pm EST, join thousands of people around the world in a simultaneous global meal. Whether it's breakfast in LA or a midnight snack in Beijing, let's take a moment from our hectic lives and share it with strangers around the world. Snap a photo of yourself and your meal and mail it to us — we'll create an exhibition from these self-portraits, documenting the world's largest communal snack.

Our aim with "The Meal" is to inspire a feeling of community across geographic and cultural boundaries, while addressing the statement that "you are what you eat." However, for nearly a billion people around the world, hunger is a constant daily reality and "what you eat" is never enough. In conceiving of this project, our thoughts immediately turned to the chronic problem of global hunger and the amazing organizations that struggle against this persistent crisis. We would love to direct participants in the project to support Action Against Hunger, one of the world's most effective and efficient nonprofit organizations. Take a look at the many ways to get involved today.

I'll try to get a picture of me taken at 12:00AM (Manila Time) as usually I'm on the road going home at night.

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