Sunday, February 20

My First Travel Tour Expo 2011 Experience

I went to the 18th Travel Tour Expo 2011 with one thing in mind. To see what other countries could offer and to gather as many information on other countries as much as I can.

Good thing my wife gave me a Saturday-off to enjoy the day and do things I wanted to do (only for that day XD). I had to take a quick stop at Intramuros to help myself before going to SMX. The travel took me more than 75 minutes but once I got at SM Mall of Asia, I wasted no time in going to SMX to see the event. I recall my experience at The Philippine Travel Mart 2010 last year and I was able to apply the experience I learned from there except that I wasn't able to attend on the first day.

I checked on the local booths first hoping to gather as much maps and brochures as I can. I know I won't be able to travel for long days nor via plane or sea for now but maybe in the future, I would be able to use them, who knows.

I noticed the long queues for Philippine Air Lines, Cebu Pacific, and other airline companies that give out the best value for customers who wished to travel at a minimal cost. I don't think my wife would be patient enough to wait on a long queue as she prefers doing transactions online for a hassle-free travel. 

My bag got heavy even before I proceed to other booths which were for foreign (or international) tourist spots all because of brochures I've been receiving for local destinations. I took a breather before going to the other side and got my bag heavier. I know I have a long way to go.

Then I went to the booths for international destination. I grabbed as many leaflets as I can for comparison between travel agencies with their itineraries. They have almost the same destination and itineraries but they vary in costs and the discount they could give to potential clients. Some of the foreign booths that interests me are Japan and China. Their brochures really got my interests and probably I'm looking forward to visit their countries soon. I got the booklet on Europe and its majestic travel destinations. Since most of their tours costs around 2000 US Dollar, I had to be contented with looking at the pictures.

After scouting the area for more than 2 hours, it was time for me to take pictures of the places that interests me the most. I never imagined that it took me that long to visit the entire area which was quite uncharacteristic of me.

Anyway here are a few more pictures I took.

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