Monday, February 14

Neo's First Birthday

My wife and I got our Laptop exactly a year ago today. My wife needed something that would help her work from home. Actually before we got Neo, I checked some laptops at Gilmore prior to our purchase. I've seen several laptops with distinct features. But most their common denominator is the low price they offer compare if we will we buying it at the malls.

We took into consideration the cost and the features that we wanted to have in our laptop. After choosing 5 picks, we decided to get Neo. A 15" laptop with built-in video cam plus 320GB hard drive plus 2GB RAM plus more hardware features but without an Operating System. Setting Neo up didn't take us that long as we were able to install the basic software that he needs. Probably getting used to using a laptop was a challenge especially to me since I'm used to using desktop computers for more than 2 decades now. It was really a challenge to type in to a laptop keyboard since they are smaller compared to desktop keyboard. Problems were encountered but one good thing is that Neo never had any virus attack ever since we got him. Probably we really take good care of him as if its our son XD.

Happy First Birthday NEO! XD

A year after (today), Neo is still in perfect shape after adding several programs from me and my wife. Probably after 2 to 3 more year, we'll get Neo a brother XD.

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