Tuesday, February 15

My February to-do list (First Update)

As of February 15, here are the things I've accomplished so far.

1. Have my eyes checked for a possible eyeglass upgrade (Will schedule it before the month ends)
2. Try to settle my Philhealth for the first quarter (and probably for the year and last 2010).
3. Purchase my men's magazine collection for February (Only got FHM so far)
4. Accompany my wife to the hospital for her ultrasound on the 18th.
5. Get plenty of rest (I hope I could continue doing this XD)
6. Join Jo Avila's prison riot at Casa San Pablo on the 27th (I should be filing my leave for this).
7. Attend the 18th Philippine Travel Tour Expo on the 19th. 

Final update would be on the 28th of February XD

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